Hospitalization from the comfort of your own home thanks to C+S

Inpatient treatment at home (HAD) is a doctor-required comprehensive care of the patient at home, which is set up and carried out by a multidisciplinary team at the C+S Medical Center Forbach. Back to the complete procedures and benefits of an exclusive service in Mauritius.

Patients eligible for HAH

The treating physician can decide whether to offer HAH to his patient, regardless of age, suffering from serious, acute or chronic diseases that require daily monitoring and care. For a fixed or indefinite period, HAH adapts to many cases, stabilized or not, evolving (and entering terminal stages) and/or generating heavy technical care: Covid+; intravenous drug and nutritional administration; urinary or nasogastric catheter; respiratory support; complex dressings on chronic wounds; postoperative follow-up; post-chemotherapy monitoring; palliative care, etc.

How HAD works

The C+S team undertakes to respond to HAH inquiries within a maximum of 24 hours, the patient’s state of health and the care to be provided must comply with predefined medical criteria derived from international recommendations. Therefore, once the patient has been diagnosed and his suitability for HAH has been confirmed, a preliminary home visit is carried out by the multidisciplinary team to verify adaptability and, if necessary, to set up the premises temporarily, with a view to z, for example, up to the installation of a medical bed. The services and equipment are the same as in a care facility. The necessary equipment, consumables and medicines are delivered to your home every day. Led by a coordinating doctor, a pair of nurse/carers (which may be supplemented by a physiotherapist, nutritionist, psychologist, etc.) travel twice a day to provide care, ensure the patient’s medical follow-up, and ensure the smooth running of the process ensure the course of his treatment.

Within a defined framework and as needed, HAH can include comfort and hygiene services to help the patient wash, dress, eat, move, etc.

In an emergency, the team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of serious complications, an ambulance can take you to the C+S emergency room or to a clinic or hospital.

The advantages of HAD

If receiving a daily report on the patient’s state of health from the attending physician – at the heart of the treatment – reassures the patient, the fundamental advantage of HAH for the patient remains undeniable, that of developing in his environment and his landmarks, with his loved ones. In addition to the psychological benefits for him in terms of his perception of the disease and the efficiency of his convalescence, the HAD saves those around him the daily expense of time and transport associated with the visits. As for the financial aspect, HAD is reimbursed by the main insurance companies in Mauritius within the time limit prescribed by the doctor. Finally, the intervention of the dedicated and experienced health teams creates a climate of trust – central and essential concept of the protocol – because they know their patients, their habits and their needs.

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