Ethical mistakes: Dr. Lacroix “went too far”

The Physicians Disciplinary Committee declared the owner of Lacroix Medical Clinics, Dr.right Marc Lacroix, guilty of two ethical blunders, believes he went “too far” in criticizing the WHO and Quebec’s public health, damaging the reputation of the medical profession.

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The owner and founder of Lacroix private medical clinics, Dr.right Marc Lacroix has been facing an ethics complaint since the summer of 2020 over a series of interviews with former CHOI Radio X host Jeff Fillion, as well as several Facebook posts against public health measures. It was a private complainant, Olivier Bolduc, who will be standing as a candidate for Québec solidaire in Jean-Talon in the next elections, who made this complaint.

After lengthy hearings, the Dright Lacroix was found guilty of two of the seven counts of ethical misconduct. One of the three members of the Disciplinary Board, Dr.right However, Petru-Lucian Comanita showed his opposition and would have acquitted Dright Lacroix, who found that the defendant had exercised his right to freedom of expression.

put on a good show

However, this is not the opinion of the other two Council members who have heard Dr.right Lacroix in an interview with CHOI on May 8, 2020. The Dright Specifically, Lacroix had said, “stop listening to the WHO,” adding, “we see that the Dright Arruda with his beautiful WHO pin… I think that in this crisis, from the start, the WHO was not credible and hid information from the whole world.

This “heartless attack on the WHO” is not worthy of the behavior of a doctor, the Council cuts short, considering that the Dright Lacroix had “gone too far”. “We quickly understand that the Dright Lacroix is ​​here to challenge the health department’s measures and put on a good show with the host.”

The council cannot pretend to be having a conversation “among friends” with the host, who is also an advertising spokesman. “The Dright Lacroix was more concerned with taking a position that would make him popular […] than to worry about the consequences of COVID-19,” it says.

“public figure”

The Dright Lacroix has also failed in its ethical obligations, making several posts on its Facebook page, notably “Buffoon” over a photo of Dr.right Horacio Arruda, “pure madness” or “the mask does not protect”.

The council lists some fifty releases that, according to tone and frequency, “lack in elegance, class and dignity”. The Dright Lacroix was not exempt from his ethical obligations, even though he published on a personal Facebook page.

The Council recalls throughout its decision that the Dright Lacroix was entitled to express his opinions, but he should have been more cautious and reserved, especially as he was not a public health expert. His remarks therefore lacked professionalism and seriousness, and reached a “level of seriousness” that they constitute an ethical error, concludes the President, Ms.e Marie-Josee Corriveau.

The Dright Lacroix must appear at a sanctions hearing to learn the disciplinary sanctions he will be faced with for the two ethical errors he has been found guilty of.

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