Depression, religion and healing… Diam has an open heart

Invited to appear on the show “Sept à Huit,” Diam took the opportunity to address her past depression and her new life.

After a seven-year absence, Diam’s has broken its silence. On the poster for Salam, his unreleased documentary, which opened in theaters July 1 and 2, Diams was a guest on the showseven to eight on TF1. An opportunity for Mélanie Georgiades – as her real name is – to live her life away from the limelight to the fullest. Driven and adored by audiences, the rapper suddenly disappeared ten years ago. However, she assures him that Diam is not dead. “Diam’s was really a step in my life, it’s something that’s there, that existed in the eyes of millions of people. I didn’t become Mélanie, I became Mélanie again,” she said.

A tortured child, she attempted suicide for the first time at 14 and then discovered writing as her “sanctuary.” Caught in a whirlwind of success, the rap icon fails to calm his demons. “Unfortunately, I realize that what I thought was the meaning of my life, namely writing lyrics, filling spaces, being loved, unfortunately hasn’t filled my heart or solved my worries. . We then feel very bad because we are touching a dream that many people have, but still we say that dream was just an illusion,” she said. In 2008, at that time at the peak of fame, Diam was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital, took medication, she again tried to commit suicide. “I’m like someone who’s in a storm and moving forward, I’m trying to fight a very, very strong wind that’s trying to carry me to my death.”

What comes after this ad?

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What comes after this ad?

Finally found a balance

His way out: religion. Already a believer and coming from a Catholic family, she made her way to Mauritius with the Koran in her pocket to learn a little more about Islam, “the greatest upheaval” of her life. She then converts and decides to disguise herself. “When I converted I was a single woman (…). When we talk about a Muslim, we’re not just talking about the veil. And besides, I’m not just a veil. I’m a woman,” she said.

The mother of three living in the United Arab Emirates is fully devoted to her family life, her “balance”. But also to his association Big Up Project, which helps an orphanage in Mali. “Only do good” is now that “greatest challenge of his life”.

What comes after this ad?

What comes after this ad?

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