Covid: will the beginning of summer in Occitania be marred by an exponential spread?

Since the beginning of June, the Covid-19 contamination has been increasing. Already at the beginning of the summer there could be restrictions on the spoilsport.

“There is no fire”, begins Jacques Reynes, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Montpellier University Hospital. He assesses the situation as “steady” in the hospital, even if the incidence rate has doubled in two weeks in the Occitania regionincreasing from 216 to 465 from June 7th to 21st. “There are many cases in young adults, but thanks to vaccination with few respiratory complications”the doctor continues.

36% increase in cases

On average theThe regional health authority is counting an average of 4,162 positive cases per day from June 14-20 in Occitania, up from 3,034 the previous week. This 36 percent increase in one week is worrying, even if the trend in current hospital admissions is not exponential 19 more patients this week.

“Due to the BA.4 and BA.5 variants, the number of infections is high, but hospitalizations are lower”, specifies Mircea Sofonea, researcher in epidemiology and development of infectious diseases in Montpellier. Putting the effects of the spread of the virus into perspective, the scientist nonetheless warns for Daylight Saving Time:There will be tension in the hospital in some cities due to understaffing in the summer and lack of resources. However, they will be very localized. The situation will not be the same from one hospital to another.”.

The number of positive cases is increasing again.

Summer restrictions?

“Braking measures” cannot be ruled out until then The health emergency applies, ie until July 31st, as mentioned by government spokeswoman Olivia Grégoire. However, the ARS reminds that barrier gestures and vaccination reminders are essential for those over 60.

For his part, Jacques Reynes believes so The mandatory recall would not limit the spread of the virus. “The fourth dose is potentially useful for weak people. Potentially, I repeat. The problem is that the new variants render the vaccine ineffective and do not prevent contamination. it will be worth it”explains this specialist.

At the moment, therefore, the fourth dose would not be necessary, except in cases of susceptibility. According to this doctor, however, two measures are essential in a propagation period: “We must wear a mask, but we must also avoid meeting in a closed, poorly ventilated or crowded space”. Mircea Sofonea nods, but thinks about it “Politicians have to decide. Without being forced, we can be careful. We check ourselves regularly, we don’t overexpose ourselves.”.

A new text on the question should also be presented on June 22 before it is adjourned. It should be submitted in the next few days.

A fear for artists: closure

The artists fear the rest after two very complicated years. With the increase in coronavirus cases, the potential restrictions are making people cringe. “We only have one fear: that everything will close”, worries Aurélie Hannedouche, director of the Syndicat des Musiques Actuelles. But such a possibility was quickly ruled out. “We had an appointment with Rima Abdul-Malak, the Minister of Culture. She doesn’t think there will be a closure because the variants are less dangerous. We’ll take her at her word. She reassured us that we will be able to enjoy the festivals this summer. We are pleased that the government has become aware of our difficulties.”, she continues. However, right after these two mixed years, a major problem is looming on the summer horizon: “The public hasn’t fully returned yet. We struggle to recover from situations like this.”.

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