Brigitte Boisjoli has moved in with her fiancé

If the music video for lie to methe first excerpt of her next album, Brigitte Boisjoli seems to be cleaning up her past in order to project herself into her new happiness: new love, new family life, new songs, new tour and new decade!

In an old abandoned factory east of Montreal, Brigitte Boisjoli walks around disguised as a femme fatale to shoot the clip for her first song in too long. lie to me. “This song really is my baby: it’s the first thing that’s completely mine. I heard it on the radio and my eyes watered. I admit that for the first time I invested so much in the music, the choice of instruments, the song structure, but also in the lyrics.

lie to me tells the story of a betrayed woman who decides to end a toxic relationship in which she lost herself in order to find herself. Brigitte Boisjoli obviously had something to say and express. “I had a lot to say, but maybe I was subconsciously waiting the whole time because I wasn’t ready. This new album comes at the right time, I feel free to say things. I address very personal issues that I have rarely tackled. For example, I’m talking about the departure of my father, whom I haven’t seen for a long time. He doesn’t know my daughter. In fact, there are many things I say in my songs that I would more or less like to talk about.
in an interview.”

Expressing herself in this way is less confrontational for the singer, who believes that people often appropriate the lyrics of the songs they hear in order to project themselves into them. “Most people won’t necessarily wonder if I’ve been through everything I’m talking about myself. You will find more similarities with them, with their history. It makes me feel good to write this album. It frees me and reconciles me with the mother, the lover and the woman I am trying to be.

therapeutic writing

Writing these new songs is not necessarily easy for Brigitte Boisjoli, but it is extremely liberating. “Friends did big closed therapies and at the end they had to write a letter which they then burned. I feel like I do that with my songs. It’s like letting go of a heavy weight on my shoulders. I liberate myself from many things through writing and I imagine that singing these songs night after night during the following tour will affect me too. I can’t wait for my first show to see people sing my own words. I dream about it!”

Photo: Valerie Blum

Brigitte took a break from filming her Mens-me clip.

His new album of original songs is expected in winter 2023. “I don’t want to rush to write my songs. I walk rather slowly. Then there was the move with my boyfriend. I realize that writing really happens with the wind: it comes naturally. I stay tuned to my head and my heart, I look out for my emotions, but at the same time I move on with my life that goes at 100 miles an hour .

period of changes

Brigitte Boisjoli, who is engaged to Jonathan, recently moved into her lover’s house with her daughter. “There are six of us at home now. Charlie is 5 years old and my friend’s boys are 6, 8 and 10 years old. It’s really a nice whirlwind when everyone comes home. The boys play very well with my daughter, they are very respectful. Of course there are quibbles, but I think I was made to have a big family. For example, I always cooked a lot, even when there were two of us. I like children and I like the dynamic of a big family. We are very committed to our children and also manage to have time for two. It’s going really well, even though it’s a lot of work.”

Brigitte's blended family and her lover Jonathan.

Photo: Patrick Seguin

Brigitte’s blended family and her lover Jonathan.

Oddly enough, she didn’t really hold back before embarking on this relationship. “I’m a girl who asks a lot of questions. For example, I’ve never wanted to move in with a guy; it wasn’t for me. But with him it was very clear. The way he cares for my daughter, the father he is with his sons, his loving nature, the atmosphere in his home… In short, the work as a whole made me think he was it. This is the first time that I ask myself so few questions and above all protect my happiness in this way.

However, Brigitte and Jonathan have known each other for a long time since they were with the same friends. “I met him when I was 21. I sang with one of his good friends. I’ve always found him to my liking, but he’s been in a relationship for a very long time. He contacted me because he wanted to hire me for a show for the city of Drummondville. Then he took a chance because he knew we were both single. He recently told me that I was unavailable to him at the time. He would never have tried to approach me even if he liked me too.

four decades

Although she is currently on a dubbed tour My 40 years, Brigitte Boisjoli will not cross this course until September. “I’m approaching this anniversary better and better. I love how I am and how I develop. I put a lot less pressure on myself in my job. It’s weird, but I look in the mirror less and less. I find myself beautiful inside and out, I am happy and I love my happiness.”

Until her birthday, Brigitte Boisjoli will continue touring while completing the writing and recording of her next album. She also made herself a small present for herself and her daughter. “Charlie starts school in September so I’m spending as much time with her as I can. I’ll live like a sorrow at the beginning of the school year, but I’m having a nice summer. Since we sold the house, I wanted to surprise her. In July we are going to Disneyland in Florida for five days. It’s a girls strip. We’re really angry.”

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