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Elvis is neck and neck with Top Gun: Maverick at the US box office this weekend. Numbers that allow the film, carried by Tom Cruise, to break the billion mark on the international soundtrack!.


Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biography is doing just as well at the US box office this week as Top Gun: Maverick.

Elvis was shown in 3,906 theaters and grossed a total of $30.5 million, while the sequel to the Tom Cruise-sponsored film also grossed 30.5 million greenbacks for a presence on 3,948 screens on its 5th exploitation weekend.

Top Gun: Billionaire!

The feature film, directed by Joseph Kosinski, has just surpassed 4 million admissions in France.

Top Gun: Maverick surpassed $1 billion at the international box office, becoming the biggest hit of Tom Cruise’s career. It is the first film of 2022 to surpass one billion at the global box office. (Doctor Strange 2 is currently grossing $947 million in International Soundtrack)

Jurassic World: The World After ranks second with $26 million in revenue this weekend in American territory, bringing the final installment in Colin Trevorrow’s trilogy to $302 million in the United States and $746 million internationally.

Note that the feature film broke the $100 million mark in China last Thursday, making it the first Hollywood film to hit that threshold since Godzilla Vs. Kong in early 2021.

The first 4 movies at the top gross over $20 million!

Scott Derickson’s (Doctor Strange) horror thriller Black Phone sits third on the podium with more than 23 million green tickets for its first weekend of operation.

The Ethan Hawke-sponsored film, which opened in theaters last Wednesday, follows Finney Shaw, a 13-year-old teenager who is kidnapped by a sadistic killer and locked in a basement. When a phone hanging on the wall, but not working, starts ringing, Finney discovers he’s in touch with the voices of his kidnapper’s previous victims. They are as dead as they are determined that their sad fate will not be Finney’s.

This is the first time in a long time that the first 4 films at the US box office have all surpassed $20 million in takings in one weekend. According to analysts, these results are due to the return of 18-34 year olds to cinemas, who account for 64% of viewers.

Buzz Lightyear, the latest film from Pixar Studios, is in fourth place with 17.7 million green tickets for its second weekend. The Toy Story-derived film has therefore grossed a total of 88.7 million at the US box office since its release. It is the first Pixar film to hit theaters since the pandemic began.

Doctor Strange 2 is a close second with another $1.7 million this weekend. With that, Sam Raimi’s film has grossed a total of $409 million at the US box office since its release.

Indian film Jugjugg Jeeyo earned $725,000 in its first weekend and finished 7th, just ahead of Everything Everywhere All at Once, which now grossed $66 million on American soil.

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie and The Bad Guys close out this TOP 10 with $513,000 each (for a total of $31 million) and 440,000 greenbacks ($95 million made in the United States alone).

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