Zdeno will decide his future in September

After a season of 72 games at the age of 45, Zdeno Chara continues to push the envelope. We’re talking about the sixth oldest player to have played in the NHL!

For the curious, the five ahead of him are Gordie Howe (52), Chris Chelios (48), Maurice Roberts (45), Jaromir Jagr (45) and Johnny Bower (45).

What makes this feat particularly intriguing is the fact that at his height (6ft 9 and 250lbs) you would think Chara’s physique would have gotten him into trouble over time, but that doesn’t seem to be the case all that much .

Perhaps his plant-based diet, where he eats almost no meat, has something to do with it.

He may have been inspired by Tom Brady, another Boston legend who defies the notion of age.

But time may be starting to catch up with Chara. His agent Matt Keator explained that the defender is considering his future and will make a decision on his future in September.

He will be taking time with his family this summer to determine where he is physically, where his family is and his final decision will be made in September.

It’s easy to understand why the Slovak wants to take his time. After 1680 games, a Stanley Cup and a Norris Trophy, he has nothing left to prove.

He’s played for the Capitals and the Islanders since leaving the Bruins, but chances are that if he decides to continue his career, it won’t be on Long Island. In fact, Lou Lamoriello’s team is in the process of rebuilding and looking to rejuvenate itself.

Playing for a fourth team in four years wouldn’t be ideal for Chara.

Could he return to Boston for one last round? Maybe, but he doesn’t seem to fit in the direction the Bruins want to go.

So I guess we could have seen giant number 33 for the last time in 2022. While there are many reasons to hate him in Montreal, it’s important to respect what he’s accomplished in his 24 seasons in the NHL.


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