These hay fever miracle pills sell like hotcakes

Fexofenadine hydrochloride “miracle” tablets, sold under the brand names Allegra in Canada and Telfast in France, are widely available on the shelves of your favorite pharmacy and supermarket.

According to allergists, we are currently experiencing one of the worst summers for hay fever sufferers due to extremely high pollen levels.

Hay fever sufferers claim that the pills are so good that they have completely ended their hay fever symptoms. They described the pills – which are stronger than traditional pills like loratadine – as feeling like they didn’t have hay fever at all, Manchester Evening News reports.

One hay fever sufferer said: “These pills are a real eye opener. They work so much better than traditional hay fever pills. They make you less sleepy and you can actually feel the difference after taking them. My eyes stop watering and I don’t sneeze as much.

Another person said: “Allegra is available over the counter and I haven’t felt this good in the summer in 10 years.”

Another user said: “The Telfast pills took a few days to kick in but I didn’t have hay fever this week. No itching, no eye drops, no nasal sprays. I highly recommend it. 10/10”.

Another reviewer said: “Allegra Hay Fever Tablets are definitely worth the price – they have worked wonders for me.”

Another person said: “I had the worst hay fever you’ve ever seen in your life and felt like I never had it. Telfast, you healed me”.

Another user said: “Allegra tablets are really great for hay fever. I suffer a lot from hay fever, but on one pill a day I haven’t even had a tingling in my nose for weeks! »

Another user said: “The Telfast tablets made me forget I had hay fever. They are the best “.

But the downside is that supply hasn’t been able to keep up with demand during the recent scorching heat that has caused “pollen bombs” across the country.

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