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Eric Le Francois

Eric Le Francois
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A lot of questions

I am a 71 year old woman. I live alone, my spouse is at home and has mobility issues. I own a 2014 Toyota Corolla with 93,000 km on the clock. Excellent car but the paintwork is in terrible condition. Since I regularly have to travel to doctor’s appointments, my car is too low for my husband. I’m thinking of changing it. Here are my questions: Should I invest in paint for my car (I already have a buyer)? Should I buy or lease an SUV? If yes, which? My heart beats for the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid or the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid. If I buy, is it a good idea to pay cash? My financial advisor tells me to negotiate an interest rate below 2%, which is difficult when interest rates are rising.


Repainting your vehicle will not increase ground clearance… In these circumstances, it is better to consider an exchange. That is, you say you have a buyer, but then what are you going to do? The Corolla Cross hybrid won’t launch until the fall, while the Subaru Crosstrek hybrid will be released in dribbling and cloudiness. In any case, you may have to wait. As for the two vehicles of your choice, it’s useful to remember that they are rechargeable hybrids. Do you have a home installation? Charging stations near you? You must take these aspects into account, otherwise you will not benefit from such a vehicle. You should also know that this Subaru product will be undergoing a major overhaul in the coming months. Anyway, Corolla Cross and Crosstrek are good products. As far as the financial aspect is concerned, your financial advisor is very attentive, but unfortunately, as you have observed, her recommendation does not reflect the market trend. If you have the financial means and your choices (Subaru and Toyota) are known to be reliable, a cash purchase is the best solution.

Soon ?


Volkswagen ID.4

I ordered a Volkswagen ID.4 in December 2021. Do you have any idea when these vehicles will arrive in Quebec?

Andrew D

From today’s perspective, it is not yet clear when your ID.4 – and this applies to all other vehicles – will be delivered to you. There’s been a lot of talk about the shortage of microprocessors in recent months, but there’s more. The manufacturers also have problems with the supply of raw materials and logistics (transport). However, you’re probably aware that ID.4s destined for North America are now being produced in the United States, which should theoretically reduce the wait time. Volkswagen’s Canadian management should shortly know its ID.4 allocations for next year.

Fade logos


The Toyota logo

Could you tell me what got into automakers to change the logo of Toyota, Audi, Mercedes and probably other brands? […] I hope we will go back to the old logo. A black car with the black name and logo is long dark and looks a bit like a hearse.

Andre R

Welcome to the era of flat design (flat design), popular trend in the digital world. Several brands have already adopted it because it embodies simplicity, transparency, modernity and, above all, adapts more easily to manufacturers’ communications on social networks. But all is not lost for you who probably liked bright colors, reliefs and light effects. Some giants of the digital world are considering abandoning this aesthetic.

Not immediately


North Star 2

I want to buy an electric vehicle. My options, a Polestar 2 or a Ford Mustang Mach-E. However, I would like to tow it behind my RV. Which one allows it? That helps me with my choice.

michael g

If there is a risk of injury, any electric vehicle currently on the market must not be coasted or towed (Puppet), otherwise the vehicle could be damaged. Currently only the Rivian brand approves this type of towing for their products. All other manufacturers recommend using a platform truck (flatbed) for moving an electric vehicle.

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