Stop pulling your nose hair, it’s dangerous

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published by gabrella on Jun 27, 2022 at 5:36 am

Nose hairs can sometimes stick out of our nostrils. Given this aesthetic inconvenience, you may have already tried to tear it down. But is it a good idea to remove your hair there? It would actually be very dangerous!

Pulling your hair out is a bad idea

Seeing his nose hair sticking out is very annoying. When we see them, we have only one wish: to tear them down. And yet it is a priori the last thing to do. Holistic hair removal up to the nose is in vogue. In particular, on TikTok we see videos of wax applicators being shoved up the nostrils.

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But this tendency can be dangerous. Our hair is useful even if we find it unsightly. They act like a filter against microbes and dust. When you remove your hair, the filter changes and you are less well protected.

They have two types of nose hair. Among them the vibrissae that you want to tear off. They prevent large particles from reaching the bridge of the nose. when you take them off Germs around the stove can get inside and cause infection says dr Karan Raj.


You run the risk of contracting an infection

If you pull your nose hair out, the consequences can be dramatic. For example, you risk paronychia, boils, food poisoning or even pneumonia. All of these diseases are Staphylococcus aureus infections. By removing a hair an entry point is created for the bacteria and they can develop into Staphylococcus aureus.

Rest assured, there are other solutions to get rid of your hair safely. You just have toUse small scissors Cuticles for example. You can trim the tips of the hairs sticking out of your nostrils.

If cutting off a few tips is not enough, Opt for an electric mower. It cuts the ends of more hair. Also, they are much easier to use than scissors. You now know how to pluck your nose hairs without risking infection.

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