RUMOR! Josh Anderson’s name is associated with islanders

We’ve officially entered the offseason of the NHL.

The Amateur Draft is in 10 days at the Bell Center and the Free Agent Market opens in 16 sleep. I’m sorry if I sometimes still count as a child…

We will be hearing 1,001 rumors over the next few days and weeks. And rumors about the Canadian, there will be some that will make headlines.

The latest rumor about the Canadians comes from Feather Patrick Lortie’s keyboard and it’s about Josh Anderson. According to Lortie, the Islanders have shown some (growing) interest in Josh Anderson… and they would be willing to part with their 13th pick overall in 2022 (this summer) in exchange for the Montreal forward.

According to Lortie, several teams had contacted the Canadian about Anderson, in the words of Kent Hughes, who admitted ten days ago that his phone was ringing more and more because of his large number 17.

Will be Josh Anderson sacrificed soon?

Not necessarily. You have to ask the right questions.

Firstwho is Patrick Lortie?

Lortie describes himself as a freelance journalist and podcast. He is the head of the blog and participates in the Puck and Roll Podcast. I don’t remember seeing it interruption Big news with the Canadian, but he definitely doesn’t fall into the category of anonymous bloggers spouting a little nonsense.

Second, Stefen Rosner, covering the islanders’ activities NYIHockeyNowalso reported islanders’ interest in Anderson.


Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will only trade Anderson if they get an offer they can’t refuse. Players like Anderson are rare and the latter could very well be the Chris Kreider of Montreal rebuilding in the future.

Also, the Canadian might want to rebuild, does he want to get his hands on the 13th overall election? He already has options #1, #26, and #33. If he ever adds 13th pick to this list, Kent Hughes will surely make a trade or two to get into the top 10.

Would there be someone dancing with the CH? Would it be worth moving forward in a draft year? weak by most experts?

Anderson, 28, a hugely popular player with Montreal fans, had 32 points (including 19 goals) in 2021/22. He will be paid a salary of $5.5 million per season through 2026-27. The Canadian wants him to produce more while continuing to skate at full speed and dish out shoulder shots.

Recall that less than a year ago, the name Anthony Beauvillier had been linked to the Canadian.

Would you be more the type to build a transaction around 13th choice overall or around Anthony Beauvillier (and sacrifice CH 26th or 33rd choice), you?


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