OD’s Alex-Anne reacts to her brother Nicolas dropping (and damaging) the Stanley Cup after the Avalanche win.

There’s a lot going on in this title, so let’s start by uncovering it!

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First, the Colorado Avalanche won the third Stanley Cup in its history Sunday night by defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1. Congratulations to you!

Then among the Avalanche players is Nicolas Aubé-Kubel, a Quebecer who played for Philadelphia for a few seasons before landing in Colorado this year.

And finally, it so happens that Nicolas’ sister, Alex-Anne, once took part in the cast of Double in 2019, when reality TV had settled in South Africa.

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Well that was the context.

So apparently there, in Tampa Bay, Alex-Anne was ready to witness her brother’s eventual triumph.

The inevitable happened.

His little brother won the Stanley Cup.

Screenshot / Instagram alex.anne__

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Alex-Anne was able to share a hug with her champion brother.

Screenshot / Instagram alex.anne__

She was even able to immortalize the moment by posing with her brother and Lord Stanley’s large bowl of fruit!

Screenshot / Instagram alex.anne__

Most importantly, she witnessed her brother’s legendary outburst (and we’re not talking about going it alone against the opposing goalkeeper).

Screenshot / Instagram alex.anne__

Wanting to take the traditional team photo with his teammates, Aubé-Kubel dropped the trophy, earning him a nice dent that would no doubt earn him a visit to a body shop.

Screenshot / Instagram alex.anne__

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“I was sure he was joking hahaha,” wrote Alex-Anne on her Instagram story.

No, he wasn’t joking. He really dropped the Stanley Cup on the ice. (You can see it in the video at the top of the article.)

It was wonderful.

But not so much:

At least Alex-Anne was able to tell by sipping a delicious drink from the mug:

Screenshot / Instagram alex.anne__

Breaking the cup, an almost annual classic:

See also on the bag of chips:

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