Mr. Trudeau, please don’t touch anything else

After Justin Trudeau’s string of international blunders, can anyone tell him not to touch anything?

At airports, international travelers to Canada are facing endless queues due to a predictable surge in passenger numbers this summer.

The situation highlights the incompetence of Canada’s Minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra. Did Justin Trudeau decide to replace him? Certainly not.

Minister Mélanie Joly does not read emails warning her against sending a Canadian representative to a party at the Russian embassy. In response, she finds nothing better than breaking sugar on her officers’ backs. She cannot even explain that sending a Canadian representative of a very low rank to such an event is a signal in diplomacy of very strong dissatisfaction.

Was Madame Joly fired for this double misstep? But no.

Passport offices are no longer delivering on demand, even though demand is down to 75% of pre-pandemic levels. Poor citizens have to spend days waiting in queues at passport offices, something unprecedented in Canada or other developed countries.

Will the Minister responsible, Karina Gould, have to vacate her post? No way.

Roxam Road has for years poured out waves of undocumented immigrants passing in front of other immigrants who are themselves appropriately waiting for Canada to decide whether or not to accept them.

Have any immigration ministers been fired over this migration scandal? No way.

And what about Huawei, whose 5G technology has been banned in Canada after other G7 countries?

Very bad record

How can Justin Trudeau, who has such a poor record as a leader on international issues, present himself to the G7 and demand a serious opinion?

Trudeau has supported the positions of Boris Johnson, who does not want the G7 countries to back down from Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship. Very good. Before him, he has to convince Emmanuel Macron and, above all, Joe Biden, who are risking serious domestic political upheavals because of runaway inflation. But it doesn’t weigh.

bulky ally

I’m not sure Johnson is happy to have Trudeau on his side.

The G7 must also discuss China’s place in the world economy amid the turmoil of the war in Ukraine. It is to be feared that Trudeau is more concerned with his political funding from his Chinese-Canadian friends.

Given the list of incompetent ministers around him, given his lack of understanding of international relations, given the conflicts of interest he has embroiled, if Justin Trudeau is to contribute effectively to the G7, the best thing is that he does. Don’t touch anything and be silent.

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