Lydiane around the world takes a baby-free trip

earlier this week, Lydiane St Onge who, recall, gave birth to a baby girl last January, announced via instagram that she and her husband had taken a baby-free vacation. For this exciting traveler who for many years made us discover the world’s most intense journeys, we totally understand her need to travel again!

She said:

We just got back from a wonderful trip to California, Tom and I, with no baby. My mother’s heart survived much better than I thought, even a break was very beneficial for me and our couple! Zoé and her babysitters (mom and mother-in-law) had so much fun that we promised each other that we would treat ourselves to a kid-free trip every year to get together and have romantic moments. It is so important!

She later shared incredible travel photos while describing part of her itinerary;

We spent a few days in San Francisco enjoying the city, restaurants and hotel before heading out into the mountains and forests! We love to combine city and nature in the same trip, it’s the perfect duo for us!

Here’s what we did during our 3 days in San Francisco:

Azkaban Prison Tour…oops, I mean Alcatraz! I’ve spent my journey being wrong! Haha! Harry fan to the end! Great day that was so worth it! By the way, you need to reserve your place for the visit in advance and if you want to visit at night then book at least a month in advance.

Stroll to the various “Pier and Fisherman Warf” on the waterfront

visiting the city’s landmarks; North Beach, Pacific Heights, Painted Laidies, Coit Tower, Lombard Street.

‍♀️ Rent a bike to ride back and forth across the Golden Bridge to Sausalito. My favourite day! The view is amazing but it’s tough on the legs! phew! Option: 1- Take the Ferry from Sausalito to San Francisco for the return trip. It avoids stepping back on the pedals. 2- Rent an electric bike (US$65-70 per day instead of US$25-30 for a regular bike). I’ve regretted my regular bike a few times! Ribs here have nothing to do with Quebec! Haha!

Eat in the city’s good restaurants and watch a “piano fight” in a tavern! It’s epic!

So! I didn’t take many photos as I put my phone aside to enjoy the moment so here are my favorites! I’ll get back to you next week with a slightly more “natural” post for the rest of my trip to Cali!

We can’t wait to discover the more natural part of his journey (and possibly other travel adventures!) over the next few days! Be continued…

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