governing by fear

Posted on June 27, 2022


The news is difficult to follow at the moment and the press, immersed in a propaganda mode as total as it is grotesque, which is particularly visible, does not help to give a clear picture of the mutual direction.

So one can only note the embarrassment on the part of the government, whichever side it finds itself in.

At the political level, the lack of an absolute majority for the renunciation of the president or for the ensemble group in the assembly causes difficulties that Emmanuel Macron clearly did not foresee, who does not seem ready to negotiate anything yet.

The electoral defeat of Brigitte Bourguignon, the current health minister, should have condemned her to resign very quickly to be replaced by one or another factotum of the moment. This is not the case: adding to the difficulty of this transitional period leading up to the vote of confidence in the government’s general policies, scheduled for July 5, is the search for a successor to this increasingly sulphurous position, which probably explains why Madame Bourguignon , the loser, hasn’t been kicked out yet. There is an impression of the in-between, in which solid decision-making seems impossible.

However, apart from a plain censorship by the government on July 5, it is not excluded that this impression will persist beyond: between the childlike intransigence of the head of state and the games played by the parties, who now have to smell the blood of the wounded animal, we understand that the next few months cannot be set on solid tracks and an absolutely clear direction.

The deputies with skulls are now followed by the skull navigation…

On the economic front, the press continues to cover a rather harsh reality with relaxed propaganda.

Inflation is decidedly portrayed as somewhat embarrassing, although its level has not been seen since 1985: with the annual average already set at around 5.5% for the year, we understand that the real figure, probably around double that, needs to be approached slowly some sweaty hands in the French administrations and in particular among some high-ranking officials who understand, even if they are not allowed to say so, that this cannot mean a calm and balanced return, since the yellow vest precedent has left a deep mark.

To this inflation decidedly reduced by INSEE and softened by the press, we will add the growth figures, which border on a good joke, since the official forecasts are around 2.3%, although we already know that the first and second quarters of the year are likely to be negative. Taking into account the inevitable problems of logistics and supply chains that continue, fueled by the generally counterproductive decisions of the authorities as well as the international geopolitical situation, everything indicates that the return to school in September and in the following months supermarket Radiant vision is emptying, prices are skyrocketing and people are complaining louder and louder in Europe.

In this context, the current political stance of Borne and Macron does not bode well.

But what is most striking is that the authorities seem to be sluggish in responding to these very palpable crises, and the press clumsily meddles, multiplying the angles as reassuringly as possible to soften their impact. On the other hand, there are other crises, more and more artificial and perceived as such, to which the same authorities intend to react with the greatest determination and the most beautiful determination, while the same press does not skimp on the frightening aspects.

We can point, for example, to the recent “heat wave”, its geographic maps in crimson without further nuance, the avalanche of aggressively goofy messages about the need to hydrate and close the shutters, and the more or less panicked mines from our regulars to TV news, to understand that human fault global warming is harmful to the planet is back now and in full force.

Bad luck, the heat has not decided to stay longer on the territory, the press and the authorities quickly switched to the recipe of the last two years: let’s quickly put a little Covid back on the table!

And now, on all TVs, the mephitic roles of our teledoctors are reappearing, rushing to resell the idea (dumb and demonstrative as it is), that we need to put the masks back on public transport, that the epidemic is starting again – It’s terrible as we tell you – and that just a fourth capsule of a product that has already amply demonstrated its ineffectiveness (even its toxicity) will (finally!) save us at the start of the school year, but if, because we tell you.

Obviously, populations weary of the picouses and lies by doing and not doing are showing clear signs of disinterest in the Covid-like narrative that is once again urging the same authorities and press to make the most exciting attempt to do the idea germinate that monkeypox could become a real issue, a real crisis, with real deaths and real pandemic panics – it’s terrible, we tell you – to which, as usual, we will respond with determination and determination.

With a focus on kids and the next school year (which generally sees an increase in cases of traditional chickenpox, it’s handy and a mess has arrived so cheaply, huh), we’re betting a highway of fear is finally opening up for our politicians , our teledoctors and our disaster-loving media.

In 2020, governing by fear has shown its effectiveness to politicians and the media, driving herds of taxpayers to where they are wanted. In 2022, the same government is showing clear signs of losing strength and if it has perhaps (?) made it possible to exclude a NUPES majority in the Assembly or Marine Le Pen in the Élysée, it is provoking discord above all those within western ones Societies between those who keep falling for the signs and those who end up getting the trick.

The latter are of course still in the minority. But this winter, when there’s a need for feeding and heating, we bet the artificial crises will be overcome by the real ones. And at this moment it is not to be said that the good teams that are currently in action still have everything under control …

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