Cannabis smokers have a 55% lower risk of developing liver cancer

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published by Celine on June 27, 2022 at 7:09 am

is liver cancer the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. And these days, you should know that treatments only apply to the early stages of tumor development…

Recently, a team of American researchers managed to prove that the use of cannabis reduce the lifetime risk of developing liver cancer by 55%.

Cannabis smokers have a 55% lower risk of developing liver cancer

One study involved more than 100,000,000 patients

To be able to continue your studies the possible relationship between cannabis use and liver cancer, Researchers examined a database created between 2002 and 2014 by the National Inpatient Sample (NIS) of patients with liver cancer who may or may not be cannabis users.

From the 101,231,036 adult patients examined, the researchers were able to identify them 996,290 people using cannabis, against an actual 100,234,746 who have not consumed it. In the group of cannabis users, it should be noted that there were such a much higher prevalence of alcohol abuse than among non-users. But also a history of smoking, HCV, HBV and cirrhosis.

Nevertheless, these individuals had in addition a much lower prevalence of liver cancer. As well as obesity and gallstones if we compare them to the non-user group.

55% lower risk of developing liver cancer

By using a Multivariate logistic regression and after adjusting for the demographics of the subjects studied. But also possible comorbidities and hospital peculiarities…

Researchers have been able to prove with certainty that people who use cannabis 55% lower risk of developing liver cancer one day. If we compare them to non-users of cannabis, of course.

Source: Trust my science

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