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The decision of the Supreme Court is known. Pro-life supporters finally see the culmination of 50 years of struggle as pro-choicers take to the streets to demonstrate.

When I don’t venture to compare the scores of the two camps, I want to go back to how we got here. my observation? The 1787 system was rigged and the intentions betrayed.

The Republicans’ success in installing six Supreme Court justices is down to brilliant long-term strategy, incredible resilience, and blatant disregard for the rules.

A system error

First, let’s recall that the last two Republican presidents were elected by losing the popular vote. The Electoral College, intended to avoid dominance by the most populous states, has created the opposite problem over time and change.

The same phenomenon in the Senate that stems from what was called the Great compromise. Again, lawmakers have gradually created rules that now allow states with small populations to contain several initiatives by the dominant party.

The evolution of the electoral process and the institution of the Senate favors the Republican electorate. When you add the electoral map redraw and manipulations to reduce the influence of the minority vote, you give voters from the less populated states significant weight, favoring white and conservative voters.

Cheating and lying when necessary

It wasn’t enough for Republicans and Conservatives. When Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland for a seat on the Supreme Court, Republicans invoked a rule that doesn’t exist: You don’t decide during an election year. A shameful decision that violates the duty conferred by the Constitution.

During his presidency, Donald Trump therefore had the opportunity to appoint three justices to the Supreme Court. Not surprisingly, he favored three particularly conservative candidates; What is shocking is that these three judges indicated during their hearing that abortion rights are not threatened. If this isn’t a partisan politics game…

Abortion: denial of democracy

It is worth remembering that the decision announced on Friday comes at a time when the commission investigating the Jan. 6 attack shows that Donald Trump and his relatives have been trying to overturn the legitimate results of the November 2020 elections to cheat and to refute.

If you’re still wondering how the highest court can decide to act against the will of 66% of the population (male and female), consider the complexity of the American system, but also the utter ruthlessness of those who do so evade.

We must remember and denounce this decline in American democracy, because the history books, which are increasingly being censored even in conservative states, will not do so.

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