The mess of finding movers by the 1st

The countdown is being felt for thousands of renters who will have to vacate their homes in the coming days. They struggle to find movers who are unable to meet the demand themselves.

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“We have an unprecedented volume of calls. People keep calling for the same day or for the next day, we’ve never experienced that! says Chantale Paquet, owner of Prix modique – Moving and Storage in Quebec City.

As affordable housing is particularly scarce this year, it has taken people longer to find the rare pearl and then contact movers, she explains.

Clan Panneton at work to help a family move to Saint-Lambert, near Montreal.

Photo agency QMI, Marcel Tremblay

Clan Panneton at work to help a family move to Saint-Lambert, near Montreal.

A situation also observed by Clan Panneton co-owner Pierre-Olivier Cyr on the Montreal side.

“I’ve never had so many calls for 1ah July at this time of year. However, we have been complete for at least 3 months! ‘ he says, noting the sense of panic these last-minute customers feel.

The increase in moving costs, which for some is up to 50% more than in previous years, does not seem to deter them. “They are ready for anything, they are in a bad way,” explains Mme Pack.

Cannot be deployed

One of the causes of this problem is also the labor shortage. Low Price – Moves and storage is limited to twenty moves per day, which has lost 30% to 40% of its staff and trucks.

A sketched scene at Lac-Beauport.

Photo agency QMI, Marcel Tremblay

A sketched scene at Lac-Beauport.

As for the Quebec office of Déménagement La Capitale, we are limited to a dozen “jobs” a day, while we have demand, 70 on January 1stah July.

“But I lack the staff. Of course, to have the best, we had to pay the price,” says the site’s managing director, Jean-Sébastien Bonin.

For its part, Clan Panneton is committed to reaching out to agencies in the Montreal region to meet the need.

“But in the rest of Quebec, it’s a complete lack,” says Pierre-Olivier Cyr.

perfect storm

The latter also explains that a perfect storm is in store for movers and their customers.

In addition to a scarce and expensive labor force, movers have trouble repairing their trucks or buying new ones due to parts supply problems.

Added to this is the galloping inflation, which is noticeably doubling the price of the boxes, and the gas prices, which have risen drastically as a result of the war in Ukraine.

“We are planning difficult weeks for the movers, we don’t want to pass the bill on to the customers. We’re not even sure [d’être rentables] this year,” laments Mr. Cyr.

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