“The ban on abortion won’t stop them”

In support of American women who are about to lose their right to an abortion, pro-abortion demonstrations are taking place outside Quebec courthouses on Sunday.

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On the Montreal side, hundreds of people were present outside the courthouse as of noon. A few people started walking around 2pm.

“When I was waiting for the decision, both a shiver ran down my spine and physical nausea,” reacted Lise Moisan, women’s rights activist.

“It’s a bit of a prelude to fundamental rights beginning to unravel in the United States. Consider same-sex marriages and contraception. It’s the same philosophy,” believes Claudette Carbonneau, trade unionist and women’s rights activist.

“It’s like always. They are always the most vulnerable, the poorest, the most marginalized women. They need our solidarity,” said Manon Massé, co-spokeswoman for Québec Solidaire.

“Abortion bans don’t stop abortions. Women have always found ways to terminate their pregnancy,” recalls Jessica Legault, co-coordinator of the Quebec Federation of Birth Planning.

By 1962, 57,000 Canadian women were hospitalized after self-aborting with hooks.

In Quebec, a hundred supporters of the election demonstrated their anger on Sunday afternoon in Lower Town in front of the courthouse. The event was organized by Sylvie Pedneault, Head of SOS Pregnancy.

“It is not the right to an abortion that is being taken away from us, it is the right to have an abortion in safe conditions that do not endanger life,” said a woman present at the demonstration.

“To see these rights being lost in 2022 is horrible,” says another.

“Access to abortion rights can be threatened, it’s right next to us. The rights are never acquired, so you always have to fight for them,” says one lady.

“The anti-choice movement is becoming more visible in Quebec. It is believed that with the reversal [de l’arrêt Roe c. Wade]it will confer legitimacy on proposing action and misinforming people in relation to abortion,” Ms Pedneault replied.

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