Relaunch of the 737 for the summer, to the chagrin of the neighbors

From his garden, Gérald Thériault has a direct view of the stern of the 737, the main attraction of the site of the same name. The one that opened its doors last year.

Those in charge of the facility worked throughout the summer. Gérald Thériault does not have a good memory of it.

We could hear up to Rue Turmel. It’s strong, it’s really strong he says.

Complaints and Petition

Unwanted noise, especially during shows, ruined his days. What’s also great is that we always have low-frequency noise in the background. It’s not strong, but it’s continuous.

He’s not the only one who has suffered. Several complaints have been filed with City Hall. A petition circulated; it collected 190 signatures. Uncomfortable citizens gathered in a collective.

In the beginning we were five. We recently gained new members. We are ten nowhe says.

Gérald Thériault fears having to spend another summer near the Le 737 restaurant and venue near Quebec City Airport.

Photo: Radio Canada / Camille Carpentier

The 737 officially begins its 2022 summer cruise on Saturday. Gérald Thériault and his neighbors fear the worst. My neighbors are not here this weekend. They went into the cabin so as not to be disturbed by the noise.

The members of the collective do not advocate closing the premises. We want to respect sonically that the shows respect the standardssays Gerald Theriault.

The stage height has been reduced

On May 16, 737, airport and local residents met to discuss the issue. The mayor of L’Ancienne-Lorette also attended this meeting.

Dany Gagnon, the facility’s owner, presented the measures he is taking to avoid disturbing the tranquility of the residents.

Unlike last summer, the number of shows will be limited to two during the day, Saturday and Sunday, and one in the evening until 9:30 p.m., on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The stage was lowered a few inches to reduce the sound range and he changed his equipment (consoles and speakers).

Gérald Thériault sees the rear of the 737 from his home.

Photo: Radio Canada

During the discussion, Gaétan Pageau, the mayor of L’Ancienne-Lorette, explained how limited his radius of action was in this case, since Le occupies 737 plots of land belonging to the Jean-Lesage International Airport, which is under federal sovereignty and that is located on the territory of the City of Quebec.

The latter has undertaken to regularly measure the noise level on site.

To change something, you need to turn the hook less hard. That’s allclaims Gérald Thériault.

Dany Gagnon didn’t want to answer our questions. Gaétan Pageau promises to follow the file closely and to address it in the municipal council.

Based on information from Camille Carpentier

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