Chronic idiopathic cystitis in anxious cat + asthma + runny nose

We adopted our Minette, who is now 5 years old, from an animal shelter when she just came from a rescue (about fifty cats in 60m2).
She’s sterilized and doesn’t go out at all because she’s afraid of her shadow. In our future home we are planning to install a Catio so he can enjoy the outdoors without being in danger.

Our problem is that she has had cystitis for a year. From the start of his problems we have been giving him Hill’s Urinary Stress Croquettes on the advice of the vet. She has had them continuously for almost 1 year.
The first bladder infection lasted for months: the veterinarian kept giving us antibiotic after antibiotic that didn’t work. They eventually offered a urinalysis and an ultrasound, which showed the absence of stones and bacteria. On the ultrasound, her bladder appeared badly damaged with scar tissue. The retained hypothesis would be stress.
After 3 or 4 cortisone shots every 4 weeks everything was back to normal. But the cortisone made him sniffle… antibiotics again that didn’t work. So we were told to do Respicat inhales… except putting it in a shipping box would stress it out.
Lately, after several inhalation sessions, the little pee came back…probably from stress, well.
Note that Minette refuses to take the treatments and she is not greedy: in addition to her croquettes, she only eats the jelly of the Leclerc brand pies … yes, it is very specific. Any addition of treatment to its mash is a mistake. So we end up with pipettes or injections, which stresses them out (you see the vicious circle…).
We tried everything against stress: Feliway, Zylkene, Anxitane,..
Our new vet (we don’t trust the other clinic after all those useless antibiotic treatments) gave us an injection of anti-inflammatory and recommended softgels to be palatable or put on the cat for it to lick itself. He also prescribed us Neurontin for his stress.
She never wanted to take the capsules and she painted the apartment with them.. so damn it that she had pipettes of Neurontin and Spasmoglucinol right in her mouth for a week. Improved peeing… check-up yesterday, his bladder is full, the vet took the opportunity to do an ECBU, it’s clean. We therefore say that we stop the treatments to see … this morning rebelotte, micro pee.
We are desperate.
Also, I’ve read that giving urine croquettes continuously wouldn’t be good, would it? Our other cat also benefits, it’s impossible to have separate bowls, our other cat has bulimia, we had to take a play tower to regulate his diet without depriving Minette.

Do you have any suggestions?
thank you for reading me

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