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Jon Cooper discussed the character at length and specifically this desire of Lightning players to push themselves to the limit of their resources.

“Tonight this group showed once again that they are the perfect example of what our team is. Lightning players never give up. They scored the first goal. They took a 2-1 lead on the power play. They scored the winning goal with just seven minutes remaining. They took chances and defended with pride and incredible determination. »

The Lightning coach summed it up nicely.

His side are 3-2 down in the series but pulled the chestnuts out of the fire despite the absence of Brayden Point, their best center. She manages to neutralize the Avalanche’s offense with specialists like Anthony Cirelli and comes on despite an injury.

She beats Nathan MacKinnon at every opportunity.

And she relies on a goalkeeper who will continue to improve his game in big clashes towards the end of the training season.

Bednar lost the match

Andrei Vasilevskiy was brilliant on Friday night.

Darcy Kuemper was marginal.

And Jared Bednar made some amazing decisions.

When your team is a goal behind, when your team still has a chance to level the game and win the championship and win the Stanley Cup in front of raucous fans, sometimes a coach needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

Less than four minutes into the game and both teams wanted to regain their energy to end this duel on a very high level. In the restart, held in Lightning territory, Bednar used support skaters.

On the bench are MacKinnon, Landeskog, Rantanen, Kadri…

The Avalanche needs a target, time is running out. Aren’t they the ones who can make the difference?

A few seconds later, a communication error on the Colorado bench, penalty: There are too many players on the ice.

With just under three minutes on the clock, the Lightning have a territorial advantage and an extra player. This experienced, relentless team won’t pass up an opportunity to kill time, play cautiously and, most importantly, control the puck.

Meanwhile, Bednar insists on using his specialists to kill time outnumbered.

Hey, time is the Avalanche’s worst enemy, and what does Bednar have to lose by using his best offensive numbers to take on the Lightning despite it being a four-on-five fight?

It’s often said that coaches can sometimes make a difference in the playoffs.

Cooper won his match.

Bednar lost his.

And Vasilevskiy, as expected, is the one who could thwart the opponent’s plans.

He did it another time.

The Avalanche players needed Kuemper’s support, knowing full well that the Lightning had no intention of slowing down, it didn’t happen.

But beware. Vasilevskiy is intimidating. And when given the opportunity to be at the top of his game, he usually doesn’t turn down an invitation…even if his training mission seems impossible.


Luke Richardson deserves this chance. Leading a National League team was his dream. The Chicago Blackhawks, an organization in transition, gave him a heavy mandate to ensure the business model would work. He has learned his skills and successfully accepted several challenges over the past several years with the Canadiens.

He fulfilled a strategic role within the organization, including teaching and mentoring the formation’s many young advocates. He was successful.

Who will fill this position now? The candidates are numerous and it is above all up to Martin St-Louis to choose the one on whom he will bet to ensure the progress of young people and to whom he will turn for proper advice.

Will we use organization decision makers to discuss with St-Louis that hiring an assistant with extensive National League experience should be considered? A former head coach, for example?

Or do we direct the search to specialists, ex-defenders who can communicate with members of the defense brigade, ex-defenders who can quickly gain the skaters’ trust?

The Canadian proposes a new business model. We want to reinvigorate the concession by not neglecting any element. The defenders’ next coach is part of the equation. Kent Hughes has often stressed the importance of nurturing young players and helping them show their talent and thrive in the face of stiff competition in the National League.

The Canadian relies heavily on young defenders who have been recruited in recent years. He must now find the most qualified person to fill this position.

Despite: That was to be expected

If Barrydios seems determined to take a year off, it’s simply because he can’t find an employer willing to give him extra powers.

When he left the New York Islanders, didn’t he insist that he would take his time, that he would study everything that was offered to him and then make up his mind?

He added: “I would very much like to get involved in the day-to-day management of the team, I would like to have the opportunity to participate in all discussions and also have an influence on the hiring or transfer of the workforce. . »

The Jets no doubt offered him a contract acknowledging everything he’s accomplished in the past. But what do the Jets have to offer roster-wise?

An interesting team with good elements, but a formation that has lost its luster over the past three years. Wasdio convinced that the situation would improve? We have to believe that we failed to convince him and that he would not find what he was looking for in Winnipeg…

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