A National Day themed win for CF Montreal

When the ball went into the net from Mathieu Choinière’s foot at the Stade Saputo on Saturday night, we felt a special energy emanating from the spectators.

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Jean Francois Teotonio

Jean Francois Teotonio
The press

Firstly, because that goal came in the 47th minutee Minute CF Montreal finally led 2-1 against Charlotte FC. Then because the ropes were just moving before the Ultras returned to the stands for the first time since last September.

But above all because a Quebecer helped his club win the day after the national holiday. And in a beautiful way.

“It’s sick! “Introduced Choinière to the media after the meeting. He had come to the press crowd wearing a blue cowboy hat with fleur-de-lis and wished everyone a Happy New Year.

The midfielder had only just come into play after returning from the dressing room. He replaced Lassi Lappalainen, who also didn’t have a bad first period. Ninety seconds later, the Quebecer was brilliantly served by a cross pass from Romell Quioto. He climbed into the penalty area from the left. A little hook to get back on his right foot and his shot landed sublimely in the right corner.

“I had juice for 120 minutes!” he exclaimed, noting how the adrenaline would carry him to the end of the meeting.

The moment even moved his head coach Wilfried Nancy.

“My wife often criticizes me for not being the most expressive boy,” he joked at a news conference. But I just had chills. »


Mathieu Choiniere (29)

The day before, Nancy had asked Samuel Piette to explain the meaning of Quebec’s National Day to the CF Montreal players. A speech that also came after a tough 4-0 loss to Toronto FC in the Canadian Championship last Wednesday.

“He explained how it was different from Canada Day,” says Nancy. It’s allowed me to look back at different cultures, why the players are there and why playing Toronto is important. »

Charlotte didn’t put up much resistance for the rest of the half. It must be said that 10 of his players were subject to MLS-COVID-19 protocol on Saturday night. Goalkeeper George Marks and midfielder Koa Santos have been with their club in the opening minutes of this season.

Finally Mason Toye

We were inches away from another perfect story on Saturday.

CF Montreal forward Mason Toye was finally able to return to action with the two injuries that had kept him out since August 2021, replacing Joaquín Torres at the 77th minutee. At the 78thehis shot in the head just missed the target.

However, his presence on the field made many Montrealers happy.

I am very happy. Too bad he didn’t score that goal. […] He’s a goalscorer, that would have done him good.

Wilfried Nancy on Mason Toye

“He worked a lot, a lot, a lot,” the coach continued. He was very brave. »

“He’s a guy who works so hard in training,” commented Mathieu Choinière. We all wanted him back. He almost scored, it would have been sick. »

A lackluster first half

The game started with an exciting first half. But after the quick goals on both sides, the pace of play calmed down significantly.


Romell Quioto opened the scoring early in the first half.

Quioto hit the mark on the 6the Minute with a nice shot with the right foot from a tight angle. We applaud Zachary Brault-Guillard’s beautiful pass from deep behind the defense to the action. So it’s a goal and an assist for the Honduran international on Saturday.

It took the visitors just three minutes to recover thanks to defender Guzmán Corujo’s right foot. With a shot in the mouth he found the back of the net. Victor Wanyama accidentally deflected the ball in the direction of the lucky Charlotte player. 1:1, on the 9the Minute.

The ultras are back

We said it: The Ultras were back at the Stade Saputo. They’ve been absent since last September, those opposed to the Impact renaming. They hung some banners over it during the meeting.

Installed in section 131 before the game, they finally won in section 132 just before kick-off. The club therefore had to move fans who bought tickets in this section the former fan group.

Her presence nevertheless pleased the main players in this game.

“I heard her,” Nancy remarked. There were twists and turns between the two kops. There was noise. So much better. »

“The more noise you hear, the more fun it is,” Choinière said. It motivates us. You are welcome, it’s nice. »

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