Tattoo removal, an increasingly practiced medical procedure

It is estimated that 20% of French people today have tattoos, and the proportion is even higher among young people: a quarter of 35-49 year olds and a third of 25-34 year olds have tattoos. Dermatologists believe so also the regret increases. To meet this growing demand, a few months ago, a first salon dedicated 100% to tattoo removal opened in Paris.

In this brand new living room, ten doctors watch the passing patients all day long. The average age is 32 years. “We have such a demand that we will open three more centers this yearin France and abroad,” says Jordan Gendre, medical director of the Ray Studio salon.

He explains that patients come to have their tattoos removed for a number of reasons: “Of course there is outdated tattoos : the dolphin, the tribal symbol on the arm, very fashionable at a certain time.” There are also tattoos that we would like to erase after a romantic breakup : ex’s first name, love word, date of meeting…

Jessica came to the center to have a symbol between the star and the sun tattooed on her lower back removed. “I did it when I was 18, it doesn’t matter. I was young, I think it was madness. I did it because it was fashionable.” At the age of 35, the young woman regrets it. She no longer feels comfortable with this pattern on her body, especially in a bathing suit.

The price of tattoo removal is ten times more expensive than the tattoo itself

The price of laser tattoo removal varies depending on the size and whether the pattern is black or colored. It is necessary to calculate on average between 100 and 450 euros per session and an average of eight to ten passes under the laser! Overall, Jessica estimates she’ll be “in the €1,200 to €1,300 range. But I was counting on that sizable budget.” His tattoo had cost him 90 euros.

After a consultation with Dr. Gendre’s practice puts Jessica on the operating table. To keep the process from becoming too painful, the doctor desensitizes the tattooed area with cold air. Then run the laser over the entire tattoo line for about ten minutes. The laser looks like a large pen that emits a beam of red light.

The laser, the only safe technique for tattoo removal

After the session “we can have small redness, blisters or crusts, this is normal“, says Dr. Jordan Gendre. Despite these short-term side effects, due to the heat of the laser and the irritation of the skin, this medical procedure is reliable and without health risks. Only doctors can use the laser for tattoo removal.

Except that other techniques are thriving on the Internet, and this worries doctors. dr Marie Jourdan, dermatologist and laser treatment specialist, explains: “If you put yourself in the patient’s shoes and type ‘tattoo removal’ on the internet, you realize that the laser does not arrive immediately.

“We, as doctors, are not very good communicators. And suddenly we see people on the Internet giving a lot of advice: why not burn the tattoo or scrape it off with salt and lemon. Centers with beauticians offering to inject magic (and cheaper than Laser) products that remove the tattoo. it’s acids that they inject into the skin”. Acids that make the tattoo disappear, but above all burn the dermis and this can be very hazardous to health.

Therefore, dermatologists reiterate that if you want to remove a tattoo without risk, you must do it with a doctor who practices laser, and not somewhere else. The black markings, on the other hand, can disappear completely Light colors are difficult or impossible to erase.

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