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The difference ? It’s huge on the clock and also between our ears, according to psychiatrists. Today, on this beautiful and heartfelt Saturday, June 25th, you have 15 hours 49 minutes of Clarity.

The beautiful orange sphere rises at 5:06 a.m. and sets at 8:46 p.m. This is the peak of the year compared to just 8 hours 31 minutes when the winter solstice arrives on December 21st. Imagine, more than 7 hours difference, in the heat and no more school. No tax on it. We applaud each other, even if the sun has fooled us a bit this week. Let’s admit that the beautiful daylight plays on morale, then we should be in the prime of our spirits. In addition, if you start your holiday well, it is the climbing hook that Sierra as my pickup would say. Otherwise, you still have your body and mind in a three-day weekend, which means a short four-day week. It usually goes together. So if you’re not happy, smiling, festive, or hilarious, something is wrong.


Unless you are in good shape because of your non-renewed passport? It was very fashionable back then. By the way: If you haven’t seen your foot in the passport office for a long time, remember that language abuse is not tolerated, even if you have a doctor’s certificate.

Oh I see. You had two idols, Pierre Bruneau and Denis Lévesque, and that’s where you look for them.

No don’t tell me you hit your fourth COVID? Or did you bet on Tampa?

We always have a good reason to be in beautiful green, but only once a year do we have such long and clear days. Jump on it like the ease of the rich world. You’ve landed well in this wonderful business called Summer. Go full throttle and gain at least 15.


“Ouch…Coupon, next to the door, in the red…cheap…” (Scalper again in front of passport office)

to say hmm André Boisclair and Tony Accurso almost met at the prison entrance.

Fisherman’s Thought: Nothing is bigger than the fish you almost caught.

Putin wants to be included in the tank of fame.

At Hockey Canada, we exaggerated a little too much on the power play.

You don’t have to ask us not to smile in the passport photo. Of course it comes from that time.

What great weather for watercraft. The weather is Sea-doo.

Those who snore always fall asleep first.

Friday 1ah July, big moving day. If I were a Chiro I would open on Saturday.

See you tomorrow at the gym

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