Fans want Marie-Ève ​​Dicaire

When Mary Spencer froze ex-world champion Chris Namus three times in the very first round, the name Marie-Ève ​​Dicaire started circulating around the casino.

Namus had lost to Dicaire in 10 rounds in the 2018 final at the Videotron Center in Quebec. That evening Dicaire had become world champion. Ten rounds, including a few in Namus’ favor.

And on Thursday at the Casino de Montreal, Spencer knocked her down three times in less than two minutes in a stunning demonstration. Fans made the comparison and spoke loudly about a clash between Dicaire and Spencer.

Several added that it would not happen that Dicaire would try as hard as possible to keep his belt. And then the two women are part of different advertising companies.

“The fans obviously want this fight. So I’m willing to do anything for it. The fans are right,” said Camille Estephan yesterday morning after a short night’s rest.

If you want to understand why people are saying the fight won’t happen, watch TVA Sports for the two minutes of Spencer’s fight. Dicaire probably saw the video too.


It was a boxing night like I’ve never known. All nine fights were stunning. Artem Oganesyan fought in the fifth fight and despite his horrific loss we still haven’t had a knockout. And all clashes had been close.

Oganesyan ate a cursed fly. He spent the night and part of the day in the hospital last night. Two broken ribs. Dante Jardon, the Mexican, beat him the whole fight.

“Artem is only 22 years old. But this is no ordinary defeat,” commented Marc Ramsay after the evening.

“He was devastated. We did everything to revive him, but his fall on the ground on the first lap cut his legs.”

Ramsay and Estephan got an answer on Thursday: Oganesyan has to fight at 147 pounds. He can’t beat a bull like “Crazy” Jardon at 154 lbs.

The fight that got the crowd going was Steven Butler. He completely overwhelmed Brandon Brewer and I agree with Butler when he said the referee should have ended the duel after the sixth round.

Butler received some chaotic instructions from his corner, but once Rénald Boisvert took control he focused on managing his win with methodical attacks.

Butler wouldn’t be Butler if he hadn’t indulged in some not-so-elegant antics as his opponent refused to go down despite the sledgehammers, but he put on an encouraging performance. He’s strong, he hits hard, he remains vulnerable to a right hand thrown over his shoulder, but they say he’s only 26 years old.


Erik Bazinyan was excellent. Against Marcelo Esteban Coceres, a very good opponent who made life difficult for Billy Joe Saunders, he was technical, quick, sometimes powerful and above all he followed the game plan to the letter. He’s just a few wins away from a world title.

Félix Desjardins from the QMI agency tells you the rest…

Lucky who likes Ulysses…

L.-P. Nephew is spoiled in life. He’s a boss. On Wednesday he left Tampa for the boxing gala in Montreal. Tampa-Chicago, perfect.

In Chicago he was told that his flight to Montreal United-Air Canada was cancelled. So he sleeps in the hotel. The next day they found a flight Chicago-Boston and then Boston-Montreal. He gets up at a quarter to six to read a text message telling him he’s going to drive through Detroit instead. Flight Chicago-Detroit and four-hour layover in Detroit.

In the end, he arrives in Montreal, very differently than on a baggage carousel. His two suitcases didn’t follow him and there are 30 people in line ahead of him to report lost luggage.

“I came home for the Steven Butler fight. I missed my match in Tampa to get boxing and I also missed my boxing night,” said TVA Sports’ Louis-Philippe Neveu.

That will teach him. Why do you think I came back from West Palm Beach in an Audi?


I counted 20 cops in the casino cabaret. In a black Montreal Police Combat Uniform. Plus the greens of the Sûreté du Québec. Apparently there was also the RCMP. Must be the polite guy I spoke to.

The organizer had not asked for it. Not even the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux, as confirmed by Marco Bergeron. That would be the casino then?

Well, come on, if you can’t offer valet parking, if your carpets look dirty, if my friend Pierre Rouleau’s funeral had more atmosphere than this gloomy casino, then you don’t make the world sick by scanning them in front of the entrance Cabaret?

They told me we were looking for weapons. street gangs? We don’t want to say it. That would be the norm for cabaret. But I know that the ladies had to take off their rings and hurry to enter the cabaret.

I’m excited to see what we’ll do when Mario Pelchat offers his next singing tour…

Do you need to remove underwired bras?

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