Estonia: Health and Pharmacy

Beware of ticks in rural areas

The advantage of traveling within the European Union is that all formalities are simplified: no passport required, since there are no more customs at the borders anyway, no money changing in countries that have introduced the euro. This also applies to the health sector.

Estonia: Health and Pharmacy

The European health insurance card allows you to cover the various medical costs that may arise during a stay abroad from social security. Just remember to apply to your local health insurer at least 15 days before departure.

This is also the case when you travel to Estonia, but insurance or an assistance contract to cover hospital costs can also be beneficial. All in all, the northernmost of the Baltic States offers a good quality of supply and medicines from the big pharmaceutical companies can be found in pharmacies without any problems.


No vaccinations are required to enter the country. However, it is recommended to stay up to date with reminders, especially DTP and tuberculosis vaccinations, but also MMR in children. Depending on the clinical picture and where you are, further vaccinations against typhus, Central European tick-borne encephalitis and hepatitis A and B can be recommended.

Other Health Precautions

You should know that doctors rarely make house calls. In the event of a breakdown, a doctor or a hospital must therefore be consulted. All emergency services can be reached by telephone on the single European number 112.

Apart from the elementary rules of hygiene to be observed in order not to get sick at the first opportunity, it is above all necessary to pay attention to ticks, which are very present in rural areas of Estonia, especially in forests. These can transmit tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease. Therefore, it is important to apply repellent and wear covering clothing, especially on the lower extremities. First of all, after each walk, you need to inspect yourself thoroughly in the infested regions in order to remove the tick as soon as possible (by “unscrewing” it to avoid tearing off the head). Having a tick tweezers available at pharmacies for a few bucks will be of great help.

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