Conditional Releases: Confronted with her former pimp who put her through an ordeal

Two victims of sexual exploitation have asked parole officers not to release an explosive and controlling pimp who sent them through hell for years.

“I don’t think a man who was so violent, manipulative, without emotion and sensitivity, was quick to realize the evil he was wreaking around him,” Marie-Michelle Desmeules lamented.

The latter testified at a Parole Board of Canada hearing earlier this week to convict her ex-pimpJosué Jean, a kind of prison.

The 44-year-old, who was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2019 for holding two victims under his yoke from 2002 to 2009, is hoping for a day’s probation.

Mme Desmeules and another victim, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, described the numerous abuses they suffered while under the pimp’s influence.

The two knew Josué Jean as a caring lover. But after that, he became extremely controlling, forcing them to acquire clients and hand over all their earnings to him.

Early request

“I got hit too. How many ? I do not remember. But once he hit me on the temple so hard that I fell and broke my ribs,” said Desmeules, adding that she was pregnant at the time and the force of the blow caused her to miscarry.

“He put a gun to my head in a banal outburst of anger,” said the other victim, who was barely 18 when she was under the abuser’s influence pimp.

If Josué Jean felt that the three-year sentence was sufficient, the Correctional Service denied his parole on a daily basis, ruling that request as “premature.” In fact, the prisoner keeps shouting out injustice and presents a version of the facts “that minimizes his actions towards the victims,” ​​as we learned during the hearing.

Jean reiterated that the victims agreed that it was the first, already in the business, who “brought” him to live off the fruits of prostitution. He admitted he’d got a taste for it and had adjusted to the luxurious life, but justified it by saying he was “young”.

“I’ve done stupid things, but that’s in the past,” he said.

Still afraid

Commissioner Véronique Buisson then reminded him that the victims who have been under his control for years are still suffering psychological and physical consequences.

“He stole part of my life,” said his first victim.

Marie-Michelle Desmeules in particular still has nightmares and experiences a lot of anxiety. She always says she’s afraid of Josué Jean, a “manipulative” being who knows how to be “very patient”.

“I fear for myself, for the community and especially for the naïve young girls who will have the misfortune to cross his path. He’ll do it again,” she warned.

► Commissioners Véronique Buisson and Steven Dubreuil will make their decision in the coming days.

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