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Some people develop chronic allergies. Can they get the vaccine against Covid-19? In these cases, is it necessary to provide preliminary information and take precautionary measures? Is there a contraindication to vaccination if you are allergic? When to consult an allergist? What exceptions are there?

Oumar Saliou Diallo is a teacher. For a long time he wanted to be vaccinated. “I often hesitate. I develop allergies to everything: to milk, to eggs… I don’t know if these cases are taken into account.”.

Amina Kona, who is constantly feeling unwell, also asks herself: should I be vaccinated against Covid-19 or not?

“I went to the hospital to get information. I was told that it was not appropriate for me to be vaccinated,” reveals Amina.

“My doctor really warned me. He explained that once the cause of my discomfort is unknown, it would be difficult to take responsibility if I reacted.”

“It is true that some had allergies when we were first vaccinated at Astra Zeneca. But everything is back to normal without affecting her vital prognosis,” explains Amadou, a vaccinator.

“We almost had an allergy case, but in fact the person showed an allergy to a food they had just eaten. But it really worried us because to tell you the truth, we hadn’t bothered to ask him about his background,” he explains.

according to dr Diarra Ibrahim, head of the immunization department, people with a history of severe allergies are strictly forbidden from getting vaccinated.

“On the map you have all this information. Vaccinators should ask candidates if they have any allergies. It’s on the map. You should find out about any chronic illnesses or allergies before you get vaccinated,” says Dr. Diara.

The French Federation of Allergology (FFAL) focused on the cases of allergy sufferers in relation to vaccination against Covid-19 in a press release published on its website. ” With the exception of two contraindications, being allergic is not a contraindication for vaccination against Covid-19 French Federation of Allergology recommends first of all to consult an allergist beforehand.

For example, it is advisable for severe asthmatics to get vaccinated. The French Association of Allergology states that there are only two contraindications to vaccination against Covid-19. These are patients with a documented allergy to polyethylene glycol (PEG) (present in the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines) and patients with a documented allergy to polysorbate (present in the Astra Zeneca vaccine) or even patients with a severe history 2 Anaphylaxis (at least 2 organs) up to the first injection of an mRNA vaccine.

“Only people who have previously had a severe reaction to another vaccine, unidentified drug, or injectable treatment should consult an allergist first and/or report it to their doctor.” »

Aminata Agaly Yattara

Source: Mali Tribune

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