Aglaé Tardin: “We don’t know what the next few weeks will consist of” to Covid –

The Geneva canton doctor Aglaé Tardin gave an update on the epidemiological situation at 7.30 p.m. The coronavirus is moving fast, the future is uncertain, but there is an encouraging sign.

She points out from the outset that obtaining information is difficult due to the slow screening: “All people who have symptoms are no longer systematically tested. There are no isolation measures. So the virus circulates without us knowing exactly where and how.” , She explains.

However, two indicators make it possible to draw a picture of the epidemic: the rate of multiplication of the virus in sewage and the impact on hospital structures. “These two things are increasing,” warns Aglaé Tardin. “With a small positive note on the reproduction rate in the wastewater: it is still above 1 [ce qui signifie une évolution croissante, ndlr.]but it seems to be declining, definitely stagnating,” she observes.

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The two now predominant sub-variants of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 cause a “neither less serious nor more serious, but more contagious” disease, the doctor specifies.

The summer of all dangers?

Several indications indicate that the virus will be highly active in summer, the doctor reports. It is therefore important “to ensure the care of people who need hospital care,” she emphasizes. The smooth functioning of the health system must therefore be guaranteed: “We saw it, the nursing staff are exhausted and we understand that. But you also need the number of beds and the necessary structure. And you have to pay attention to that.”, says Aglaé Tardin.

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However, the Geneva canton doctor does not sound the alarm. “Finally, if the virus is circulating but without consequences and we can guarantee care for everyone, we are little or not too concerned,” she assures.

Today the impact on the hospital is small. Aglaé Tardin therefore wants to reassure, but adds that we must be “vigilant”. Everything will depend on the development of the epidemic in the coming weeks, which is not easy to predict. “Since we haven’t received a crystal ball yet, we don’t know what the next few weeks will look like,” the doctor slips.

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Interview by Jennifer Covo

Web adaptation: Antoine Michel

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