A ticket to Montreal while he was in the islands

A Quebecer says he was the victim of a mistake after receiving an illegal parking ticket from the city of Montreal when his vehicle was parked 1,340km away at his farm in the Magdalen Islands.

” That doesn’t make sense. Of course it’s a mistake. At first I thought of a transmission error. I even laughed at it, it didn’t make sense! ”, Plage Stéphane Vigneau, a resident of Havre-Aubert.

This Madelinot was quite shocked when he received a letter from the Montreal Municipal Court last week. In it, the court sentenced him to pay a $54 fine for a crime committed on December 2, 2021 in the town of Côte-Saint-Luc.

“The most absurd thing is that since 2020 my vehicle has never left my home in the Magdalen Islands. You can see I’ve never taken the ferry with it since,” says Ms. Vineau.

Didn’t leave the hostel

The 50-year-old therefore submitted an acquittal request to the district court and explained his situation.

“I am now being asked to appear in person before a judge in Montreal to justify myself. But it’s going to cost me hundreds of dollars on a plane or filling up my car. It’s also 12 hours by car and 5 hours by ferry to get there,” laments Stéphane Vigneau.

He even contacted his deputy, Joël Arseneau, from the Parti Québécois, feeling at a loss as to where to turn.

But why does Madelinot refuse to pay them? ticket $54 to turn the page? “For me, it’s a matter of principle. I have money. I just find it absurd to let myself be robbed of the same because of a mistake,” criticizes Stéphane Vigneau.

In analyse

For its part, the City of Montreal acknowledges that “without commenting on the case at hand, there may be times when its officials inadvertently make clerical errors when filing criminal charges.”

“The analysis and the decision regarding the maintenance or withdrawal of a criminal charge fall within the function of the prosecutor. An analysis will be carried out at the beginning of the week and the result will be communicated to the citizen concerned,” explains Guillaume Rivest, the city’s public relations officer.

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