Angela Price talks about her life in Western Canada

Angela price and his family have moved into their home in Kelowna, BC for the summer.

The Ice Hockey Player’s Wife Carey Prizefamiliar in a number of stories on her Instagram page about her new home.

“I think it would take a while to feel at home in Kelowna”

On the question ” Kelowna or Montreal? ‘ answered Angela Price without hesitation, Montreal.

To be honest we don’t have much life in Kelowna, we haven’t spent a lot of time here in the last few years, we don’t have many friends here and it’s not very busy. I think it would take time to feel at home in Kelowna instead of Montreal “, She wrote.

Then another subscriber asked Angela Price if she and Carey were missing Montreal. Here is his answer: We will never be “finished” with the city. But once Carey stops playing and we move out, yeah, we’re gonna miss it. It has been our home for so long and such a big part of our lives. Montreal will always be special to our family “.

Recall that last January, the businesswoman broke news about her husband’s mental health. She answered several questions from her fans on her blog, From Angela.

I shared an update of our lives on my blog. I talk a little more about when Carey retired from hockey earlier in the season, mental health, finding the support I needed, and answering frequently asked questions. You can find the link in my bio “, we could read under his latest Instagram post.

The past few months have been filled with reflections and I now realize that mental health should have been a priority in our House over the last few years. ‘ the businesswoman wrote on her blog.

I had no idea how bad it was until Carey went to New York for knee surgery this summer. I knew it was a tense time, but not that it was part of a spiral that would eventually lead to a life-changing decision. she continued.

When it all happened I was lucky enough to be able to talk to Marc Bergevin. […] After that I felt really lost. I was sad that Berg left because we had so much respect for him during all this time. He seemed to understand what Carey and our family needed “.

I believe this is absolutely necessary and I hope that this support will help the families of these athletes feel that they are not alone in this process. ‘ she concluded.

All our thoughts are with the Price family.

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