This is how you negotiate painlessly with your mover

If you need a mover for the 1stah July, here are some tips for your negotiations.

Between 200,000 and 250,000 Quebecers would beah July.

My colleagues from the newspaper 24 hours point out that the government of Robert Bourassa would have made it law in the 1970s, continuing a tradition dating back to the enactment of Quebec’s first civil code (1866). This measure is no longer mandatory.

To better protect yourself, you need to look around for your moving company, especially online: or Otherwise, a good mover will ask about the number of rooms and furniture, whether there are elevators, parking, the departure and arrival floors… Expect to pay about $160-$200 for a move on July 1st, so almost, Dollars an hour shell out twice the usual hourly rate for two men, excluding kilometers. A move usually takes an hour each.

According to a recent survey commissioned by HelloSafe, one in three Quebecers give up moving because of cost concerns.

ask questions

Check the moving company’s registration with the Commission de transport du Québec (

Request proof of license and insurance (his liability insurance should be at least one million). Are your goods insured (replacement value minus deductible)?

If you pay a deposit, it should be as small as possible. Pay the balance only at the end of the move (the mover has the right to refuse to unload a last unpaid item…).

Request a written contract that includes the hourly rate, mileage, various costs, method of payment, deposit, full contact details of the mover, departure and arrival dates and addresses (details:


  • Before you move, call your insurer. Your belongings are usually covered by your home insurance (info:
  • Ask for recommendations from relatives who have recently had this experience. Beware of moving companies that only advertise in the classifieds and do not offer a civil address. Has your moving company been terminated by a customer? We check here:
  • If possible, choose a mover that is close to your new home, as the mileage calculation is done from their headquarters or garage.
  • Identify your needs and don’t hide anything from the movers, especially if you have a piano, valuable or fragile items, if your departure or arrival accommodation is accessible by a spiral staircase, etc.
  • Be prepared: ALL the boxes, ALL your belongings need to be packed the day before you move. Label the contents of your boxes, especially if the contents are fragile. The moving company’s mattress covers are a must!
  • Plants, important documents, jewellery, knick-knacks and works of art, electronics and computers are best transported in your personal vehicle.
  • If you need to move twice close together, some movers offer interim storage.
  • Film (with your phone) the condition of the apartment you leave (once it’s vacated) and your new apartment before you move in; Keep this proof in the event of a dispute with your landlord.
  • Offer water or juice if it’s hot and leave a tip ($10 or $20 per person).
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