Their story goes awry, breakup and suicide

The fans of Love is in the meadow Eagerly follow all seasons every year. And if you fall under the spell of certain candidates, don’t forget them. But what about the old ones? We bring you news of the most emblematic couples.

Love is in the meadow : what happened to the old ones?

Jean-Pierre, a tragic end

Jean-Pierre Guelvout was a very sensitive farmer with a big heart who took part in Season 5. This was a cow breeder in the Morbihan region. We preferred to start with the worst news on the list. In fact, something dramatic happened to him. The farmer was under too much pressure because of his work on the farm. He also applied to the bank for a loan to start an organic chicken farm, but was turned down. Ah, the candidate of Love is in the meadow decided to commit suicide on December 14, 2016.

Franck and Karine, a well-rehearsed couple

Love is in the meadow: their story goes awry, breakup and suicide

The two candidates from Love is in the meadow lived more of a carnal passion than a romantic relationship. In fact, their relationship caught fire as quickly as it died. During the adventure, Franck had trouble deciding between Karine and Caroline. To find answers, he had kissed them both. Eventually he will choose Karine. The couple finished their farm stay and enjoyed a weekend getaway, but that’s about it.

François and Maryline: the rocker and his girlfriend

Love is in the meadow: their story goes awry, breakup and suicide

François was a Johnny Hallyday Farmer fan and it showed in his look. In fact, it didn’t go unnoticed by Season 9 Love is in the meadow. He was lucky because he met his half in the person of Maryline during the show. So they stayed together and even started a family. In fact, in 2015, they welcomed a baby boy who goes by the cute first name Marceau. But contrary to all expectations, shortly after the baby’s christening, Maryline split from François and returned to her native Brittany.

Jacky, the BCBG of Love is in the meadow

Love is in the meadow: their story goes awry, breakup and suicide

Jacky had an interesting profile for the competitors of Love is in the meadow. In fact, he was a young and handsome boy. He is the record holder in the show’s history for receiving the most letters from female admirers. Unfortunately, despite the many letters, he did not manage to find the ideal person. Luckily, he finds solace in his job and has even become a volunteer firefighter. Maybe he’ll have better luck with the uniform…

Gerhard and Beatrice

Love is in the meadow: their story goes awry, breakup and suicide

They are one of the oldest couples in Love is in the meadow. In fact, they took part in the very first season! Currently they have a 5 year old boy who looks a lot like his dear daddy as you can see in the photo above.

Sylvain and Valerie

Love is in the meadow: their story goes awry, breakup and suicide

During Season 6 of love is in the meadow Sylvain and Valérie fell in love. The young woman decides to drop everything and stay with her farmer. So she quits her job and part with her house. They had a nice relationship for two years. After this period, Valérie preferred to return to her country…

Ludovic and Jennifer

Love is in the meadow: their story goes awry, breakup and suicide

You could say that Ludovic and Jennifer are a very good match, right? The young people were contestants in Season 3 of the program. They have been living a fairy tale since 2008 and have even added three children to their family.

Maud and Jean-Claude, an extremely touching couple

The lovers met in season 6. One thing is for sure, we had a lot of fun laughing with them. They had a princess named Charlotte. Everything was going wonderfully when Jean-Claude suddenly changed his behavior. In fact, he became aggressive towards his wife and even his little girl. But the farmer Love is in the meadow has another version as he never confessed and continues to say that the family is reunited. A blurry story…

Pierre and Frédérique, the star couple of the show

Nobody forgot Pierre and Frédérique in Season 7. In fact, the public loves this couple. They were made to meet, that’s obvious. I’m sure you know the rest. They married and had a baby, Gabriel, born in 2012.

Fabian and Alexia

The lovers did not meet during the filming, but thanks to the show anyway! In fact, Fabien couldn’t find a suitable shoe Love is in the meadow. However, a young girl fell in love with him and decided to write to him after filming began. After that they met and they matched! Their relationship lasted seven years during which they became parents to little girls. Unfortunately, it also ended in a breakup.

Love is in the meadow: Damien and Élodie

Damien and Elodie were present in season 8 of Love is in the meadow. Damien was immediately struck by his prospect’s openness and simplicity. Today they invest in stone. In fact they have built 4 houses that they are going to sell. They also had a child.

Love is in the meadow: Claude and his deep blue gaze

Claude’s participation dates back to 2015. He had everything he needed to find the woman of his dreams, especially since he was still receiving 500 letters! Unfortunately, fate decided otherwise. Anyway, he didn’t hang out with his admirers Love is in the meadow. After the show, he was still in a three-year romantic relationship with a woman younger than him, but they also broke up.

Clare and Adrian

Claire and Adrien had a love affair of a few months. The farmer did not appreciate that he shared her private life on the Internet. Today she found love again. And this one was hiding right in front of his eyes. In fact, it’s his childhood friend Sébastien. She still owns her farm and she became a mother.

Alan and Edith

Love at first sight and just move in. And since they don’t do things by halves, they got little twins, Elise and Axelle.

Cyrille, the artichoke heart

Cyrille had started his adventure well Love is in the meadow with Lisa. But after the weekend, they decided not to continue. In addition, he chose his suitors based on the letters and not the photos. A nice move. If he continues on this path, he will manage to find his better half, that’s for sure.

Love is in the meadow: Thierry and Annie, the legendary unforgettable duo

It’s impossible to forget Thierry, who made us laugh so hard in season 8 with his very special rhetoric. When he meets Annie’s eyes, he knows that she will become his wife. The feelings are strong and are shared. Despite difficulties in reconciliation between his darling and his family, the farmer still chose love and he was right! In fact, they said “yes” to each other in 2015 and live happy days.

Love lies in the meadow: Aude and Christopher

Love is in the meadow: their story goes awry, breakup and suicide

Last on this list are Aude and Christopher from season 13. They literally fell in love with each other. The couple wasted no time as she was already pregnant at the time of the examination. What a lovely surprise for Karine Le Marchand! Unfortunately, the couple didn’t last either. Apparently it was very difficult for her eldest daughter from a first relationship. Today Raphaël has two parents.

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