Pierre Karl Péladeau is appointed officer of the National Order of Quebec

Pierre Karl Péladeau’s commitment and daring were underscored by François Legault, who presented him with the insignia of an officer of the Quebec National Order in Parliament on Wednesday.

In a humorous speech, the prime minister underscored the “impressive” career of Quebecor’s president and CEO in the worlds of business, media and culture.

After recalling Pierre Karl Péladeau’s career and his rise in the company inherited from his father, François Legault praised the businessman’s nationalism, noting in particular the acquisition of Videotron, “which allowed Quebec to have one headquarters and one control to keep a very important medium in Quebec”.

Above all, however, the Prime Minister wanted to honor Pierre Karl Péladeau for his social commitment and his contribution to promoting Quebec’s culture.

“You personally see Quebecor’s social commitment to just over 400 organizations in Quebec every year. They also make it their duty to help promote Quebec’s culture and our beautiful French language,” he said.

“You are a great lover of Quebec, its culture, its language. You are also one of its great builders. You are a true patriot,” concluded the Prime Minister.

Pierre Karl Péladeau said he was “proud” and “moved” to have received this prestigious award. “We can’t help but be extremely touched,” he said in an interview.

He also said he was happy to have participated “a little in his own way” in Quebec’s men and women’s investment in the nation, while hailing the “diversity of activities and diversity of passions” of the other recipients. , as well as the initiative of René Lévesque to found a national order “like the great nations”.

In addition to Mr. Péladeau, around thirty Quebec figures, including the poet Joséphine Bacon, the journalist and ex-diplomat Jean-François Lépine, the singer René Simard and the chef Jean Soulard, were nominated or promoted to the Ordre national du Québec this year . Among them are the first rector of the University of Laval, Sophie D’Amours, the historian and specialist in Quebec’s heritage, Pierre Lahoud, and the director Léa Pool.

Since its inception in 1984, more than 1,100 people have accepted one of the three degrees of Quebec’s most prestigious award. To date, 72% of the members of the Order are men and 28% are women. In this year’s cohort there are 11 women and 21 men.

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