The hunt for the Republicans has begun!

As we analyze the attack on the Capitol that resulted in five deathsthat we have arrested a gunman near Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s home, that we deplore an increasing number of shootings, and that the political climate is particularly toxic, just one Republican politician from Missouri has “distinguished himself for his grotesque and violent character “. an advertisement.

A controversial candidate

Eric Greitens is no newcomer to the American political scene. The former Missouri governor has long awaited his passage in the Navy, he is part of the SEALs. He was courted by both Democrats and Republicans, and broke with family tradition by siding with the conservatives.

A Duke University graduate and a twice-recipient of the Seals, the man has no shortage of talent or resources. However, his tenure as Governor of Missouri ended badly.

Faced with an invasion of privacy charge that was later dropped, he also faces sexual assault charges at the hands of his former hairdresser, and his 2016 campaign is under investigation for possible voter fraud. He left his governorship when Democrats and Republicans considered the possibility of impeachment.

As if the number of cannonballs he’s hauling wasn’t enough, whoever is sticking to conspiratorial schemes, including the “Great Backup,” has just outdone himself by broadcasting an ultra-violent video of himself attacking citing those who “We call the RINOs (Republicans in name only), these Republicans have been considered too soft since the arrival of Donald Trump on the political scene.

An irresponsible video

Greitens leads the charge there, armed with a shotgun, a shotgun, and he’s supported by members of a tactical squad. His message? We are ridding the party and the country of the RINOs and there are no quotas on this hunt for undesirables.

Denounced by many speakers, the ad, presented as a metaphor, was removed from Facebook. I don’t think that’s enough. Gun culture or not, this video is more than a poor exercise in judgment in today’s environment, it’s downright irresponsible.

Controversial as he is, Greitens is just the latest lunatic candidate from a party that has no shortage of them. As early as 2013, Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said his party must stop being the party of stupidity and go back to being a party of ideas.

I sincerely hope that Republican Party leaders will unequivocally condemn their candidates whose words and actions exceed the bounds of common sense. How long will we stand in solidarity with the inflammatory statements by Donald Trump and his henchmen?

By fanning the embers of violence, we will end up setting the country on fire. As I like to repeat, escalation is not good for our neighbor and because of the many ties also for us.

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