Rebound in antigen tests in pharmacies, the incidence rate is rising again

Antigen tests have been ramping up in the north over the past week, up to almost 30 a day. Patients are contact cases or have symptoms and are generally positive.

The Covid-19 is always present in our lives and it is not the northerners who will say the opposite. In the past two weeks, pharmacies in the region have seen a recovery in screening tests. The patients are all in contact or have symptoms.

This Tuesday afternoon, Jean-Marc was tested in a pharmacy in Villeneuve-d’Ascq as the 18th patient of the day. “One of my relatives tested positive, so I’m in touch. I’m regularly told by the people I meet, ‘this and that person is positive’,” assures the latter.

A relaxation of lock gestures can be observed

An increase in antigen tests that does not surprise these pharmacists from Villeneuve-d’Ascq. “We are clearly feeling a relaxation, a multiplication of festive events with a decrease in barrier gestures, so inevitable that the virus continues to circulate, which may explain the increase,” explains Lidwine Pagny, pharmacist’s assistant at Bizet pharmacy.

Same observation at this other pharmacy in town. With a remarkable peculiarity: “Most people are positive,” confirms David Alapini, pharmacist at Triolo at the microphone of BFM Lille.

“We have a very large proportion of positivity compared to the number of people who show up. There is no longer a health passport, so those who come come because they have symptoms and in general it turns out to be the Covid acts, “explains the health professions.

A new wave coming soon?

In these two pharmacies, more than every second person who comes to the test is positive for Covid-19. The incidence rate in the north fell from 158 cases per 100,000 people in early June to 364 cases on June 17, according to figures from Covid Tracker.

Pharmacists do not hide their concerns about a possible return of the Covid-19 epidemic in the region and in France more generally. In this context, the immunologist Alain Fischer advocates the return of the mask in the transport sector in order to “protect frail people”.

For his part, the former health minister and current delegate of the minister in charge of relations with Parliament and democratic life told RMC-BFMTV this Wednesday that he was not overly “concerned”. “We are vaccinated (…) we know the variant,” assures Olivier Véran.

Elise Dherbomez and Alicia Foricher

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