Marchand wants to increase Quebec City’s revenue

To deal with inflation, Bruno Marchand says he wants to take inspiration from Montreal to increase the city’s revenues without increasing the tax burden on citizens.

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The mayor of Quebec made the announcement in an impromptu press Tuesday afternoon, minutes after the end of two consecutive plenary committees dealing with financial issues.

“We can increase revenue, and I’m not talking about tax increases. There are other ways. In Quebec (the city) we are 78% dependent on the municipal tax bill. In Montreal we’re at 63%,” he recalls.

According to him, “Montréal took from the law then being proposed by the Liberals (City Autonomy and Power Act 122) ways of increasing its revenues other than by taxing its citizens through direct taxes on homes or businesses”.

“The least harm to citizens”

Bruno Marchand immediately ruled out the possibility of introducing an excise tax on petrol this year, recalling that he had promised during the election campaign not to go down that route.

“There are different forms in Martin Coiteux’s law (former Liberal minister) that allowed cities to be less dependent on property taxes (…) There are options for parking, for registrations (…) We’ll take a look , what is most relevant, what least harms and has the least impact on citizens”.

The mayor agreed that a new request to the Quebec government to transfer another point of the GST to cities was “a possibility.” If necessary, this would have to be done in coordination with the Union of Municipalities of Québec (UMQ), he dropped.


For his part, Claude Villeneuve, president of Quebec First, said he was “disappointed” not to have received more clarity during the plenary committees on whether or not various municipal projects planned for the years 2023-2024-2025 will be realized.

“We want to know what’s coming. We are already being asked by the administration to announce our priorities for our districts, but we do not know what is the term of the effort that we must make,” he lamented in an impromptu press on Tuesday.

According to him, “the city has decided to abandon projects, but it has not decided which (…) There is a mathematical reality. Projects cost more. The choice we will have will be to take on more debt or take on fewer projects.

Note, however, that the Marchand administration has not formally announced the abandonment of this or that project. The mayor merely reiterated his intention to exercise “prudence” in the preparation of the next municipal budget.

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