Lara Fabian at the Videotron Center: a master class

Lara Fabian has spent the last few years advising young artists on The voice and Star Academy on TV. On Tuesday night, on the stage at the Videotron Center, she put her own teachings into practice during a remarkable master class.

It is not for nothing that she is one of the great voices of Francophonie. In front of a receptive and admiring audience – the ovations and “We love you Lara” were given without restraint – Lara Fabian showed that the power and control of her vocal cords is unparalleled.

In a cozy atmosphere and accompanied by only one pianist, she offered a grandiose interpretation right from the start I won’t stop loving you.

Lara Fabian

Photo agency QMI, René Baillargeon

The audience was already won over and the Belgian-Quebec star didn’t want to stop there. A few moments later, the double formed I still believe in and If you love me took his performance to the next level.

As for his recovery I’m sick, of rare intensity, caused shivers in the stands. And another ovation.

Expected reunion

Postponed twice because of the pandemic, this reunion with the Quebec public was evidently eagerly awaited. More than 7,500 people attended the event, much more than the 6,400 people announced during his previous visit to the Videotron Center in October 2018.

Lara Fabian

Photo agency QMI, René Baillargeon

Instead, his admirers were only served hits in a sober but tasteful production. These have been chosen from his extensive repertoire, with a particular focus on his albums from the 1990s, Carpe Diem and Pure.

Lara Fabian had also invited academics Félix Lemelin, who provided the first part, and Audrey-Louise Beauséjour. Everyone was entitled to their duet with whoever was their mentor.

The first recorded the note well You go awaywhile the second, whose eviction from Star Academy who had caused controversy this winter, was able to console himself with a standing ovation after singing Not without you.

No to censorship

Throughout the evening, Lara Fabian’s reiteration of her accomplishments was an opportunity to retread the thread of her personal story, but also to go there with a subtle connection to the latest news as she presented The differencea success that caused him trouble in Russia for his call for tolerance towards the gay community.

Lara Fabian

Photo agency QMI, René Baillargeon

“Every time I am banned from singing this song, and I swear it will happen, I will remember the power of music and know that love will always triumph over violence and censorship,” she said.

She also had kind words for her late compatriot Maurane, to whom she paid tribute by singing their duet you are my other

Before you say goodbye by delivering the essentials I like youThe star treated his students to one final gift when a dozen academics joined him in vocal support for a dynamic Carpe Diem.

Big and generous voice. What more ?

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