Fitbit fixes frequent disconnects from Charge 5

Some Fitbit Charge 5 users have experienced connection issues. According to 9to5 Google, Fitbit is working on a possible solution for all affected customers. But at the moment no date has been announced for the release of this patch, let’s just hope it won’t be long!

It was reported that the problems with some Fitbit Charge 5 devices first appeared in January this year. By the way, if you check Fitbit’s support forums, there are a few threads mentioning that many Charge 5 owners are seeing an unexpected disconnection from their phone. The 9to5 Google article clearly mentions that the fix is ​​on the way.

What exactly is Fitbit Charge 5?

Fitbit Charge 5 is a smartwatch from Fitbit’s line of activity trackers. It is a direct competitor to devices from Amazfit and Garmin. Its strengths lie in the revised and refined design and the integrated GPS. In terms of design, the watch has rounded edges that make its side less bulky on the wrist, a stainless steel module, and a soft-touch strap resembling those of the Apple Watch.

The device was launched last year at a price of $180. Compared to the Charge 4, it’s much thinner, lighter, and easier to carry. It features a touchscreen, EDA sensors to monitor your stress, Fitbit payment, and up to several days of battery life.

The problem recently encountered by several Charge 5 users in detail

In January, Charge 5 users complained on Fitbit’s support forum. They shared their disappointment and frustration and unfortunate experience with the Charge 5. They also asked about the patch’s arrival time. Basically, the problem is that their devices keep connecting and disconnecting to Bluetooth.

These people said that they tried the common fixes for this type of error but that they didn’t work. Among other things, they restarted their Charge 5 but the problem persisted. Fitbit is making efforts to pinpoint the issue, but the company said it is aware of the issue and is working on it.


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