Electronic cigarette: is it really cheaper?

The risks associated with tobacco are numerous, but quitting smoking can be very complicated. The electronic cigarette can be a real help in successful smoking cessation. It’s the way to quit gently and at your own pace while maintaining your smoking habits.

The electronic cigarette, although “undoubtedly harmful”, would be less dangerous to health, according to a majority of health professionals.

Today, the high and steadily increasing price of a pack of cigarettes is becoming an additional argument to quit smoking. But are electronic cigarettes cheaper than tobacco?

Taking the plunge and starting vaping may seem expensive at first. In fact, the initial investment can be daunting. Here are the costs to consider when starting electronic cigarettes and a comparison to realize the potential savings.

Buying an electronic cigarette and its consumables

Buying an electronic cigarette is a more or less big initial expense. Depending on the desired quality, performance, capacity and battery of an electronic cigarette, prices vary greatly. For a very basic, low wattage, small battery e-cigarette, prices start at €20. On the other hand, prices for an ultra-powerful electronic cigarette with adjustable options and a futuristic design can go up to €300.

What also needs to be taken into account is that the purchase of an e-cigarette as a vaper is for the medium to long term. In fact, the lifespan of a vaporizer varies depending on its quality, how it is maintained and how often it is used. On average, it takes between 1 and 6 years to go from an entry-level electronic cigarette to a high-quality cigarette.

The sometimes considerable initial purchase is therefore quickly amortized. Then we must consider the electronic cigarette consumables, which represent regular expenses. There are only two consumables in a vapoteuse: e-liquids and resistance. An e-liquid costs €5.40 on average for a 10ml bottle. The purchase frequency depends on the consumption of the steamer. With the resistors, it is advisable to replace them every 15 to 20 days. They cost an average of €2.30.

Calculate your expenses: electronic cigarette VS tobacco

In order to calculate whether the electronic cigarette is really cheaper than the traditional one, you need to estimate your expenses. For this purpose it is necessary to take into account his smoking habits and apply them to the vapoteuse. Here are estimates that do not include the purchase price of an electronic cigarette (too variable and depending on each individual’s tastes and needs) and are based on a €10 pack of cigarettes.

light smoker

A consumption of 5 to 7 cigarettes per day corresponds to between 6 and 9 packs per month or 60 to 90 € spent per month. To compare a month of vaping with the same consumption, you have to count: 2 resistors at €2.30 each and an average of 3 bottles of e-liquid at €5.40 each, i.e. €20.80. The savings for a light smoker who has opted for the electronic cigarette are therefore between €39.20 and €69.20 per month. Converted to the year, this means a saving of €470.40 to €830.40.

average smoker

A consumption of 10 to 20 cigarettes per day corresponds to between 15 and 30 packs per month or between 150 and 300 € per month. For this consumption habit you have to count: 2 coils at €2.30 each and an average of 7 vials of e-liquid at €5.40 or €42.40 each. The savings for an average smoker range from €107.60 to €257.80 per month. Converted to the year, this means a saving of €1,291.20 to €3,093.60.

chain smoker

A consumption of more than 20 cigarettes per day corresponds to at least 35 packs per month or at least 350 € spent every month. In comparison, for the same consumption you have to count on an electronic cigarette: 3 resistors of €2.30 each and 10 vials of e-liquid of €5.40 or €60.90 each. The savings for an inveterate smoker is at least €289.10 per month. Converted to the year, this corresponds to a minimum saving of €3,469.20.

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