Detained since 2003 | 76-year-old murderer can be freed earlier

After 19 years in prison, the murderer Jean-Guy Lambert will soon taste his freedom. After a day of deliberations, the jury on Wednesday agreed to parole the 76-year-old without waiting until 2028. However, the survivor of the attack still fears his executioner.

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Louis Samuel Perron

Louis Samuel Perron
The press

Jean-Guy Lambert’s poignant testimony last week visibly convinced the 12 jurors of the real progress the criminal had made during his lengthy incarceration. “Give me a chance,” pleaded the man, who was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years.

Jean-Guy Lambert had appealed to a jury under the last chance clause, a rare procedure that allows a life sentence offender to bring forward his parole date. Since its abolition in 2011, this provision only applies to offenders convicted before that date.

“I haven’t lived a great life, but I’m not the same guy anymore. I don’t have long to live and I’m ill. I want to spend the little time with my daughter,” Jean-Guy Lambert said, crying on the witness stand. The killer suffered from numerous health problems in recent years and almost died from COVID-19.

For the first time, Jean-Guy Lambert confessed to playing a role in the murder of Robert Fattouch and the attempted murder of Elias Fattouch in Montreal in May 1997. “I’m guilty too,” he admitted, defending himself with being a “killer.” He had been framed by an informant several years after the murder.

That day, Jean-Guy Lambert was the driver of shooter Roger Méthot. He therefore agreed to wait for the killer in the getaway vehicle, knowing that the Fattouch brothers would be attacked. According to his version, Jean-Guy Lambert received $ 5,000 for this contract.

The murders were ordered by Bassel El Youssef because, according to the police version, one of the Fattouch brothers was having an affair with his wife. Note that only Jean-Guy Lambert was charged in this case. According to an SPVM press release, Bassel El Youssef has been missing since August 2000.

Left for dead by the gunman, Elias Fattouch remained in intensive care for months after the attack. Even today, the survivor fears that Jean-Guy Lambert is trying to “get rid of” him. In a letter submitted to the court, he accuses the killer of having “made his life hell” by killing his brother and trying to kill him.

“You broke me, I lost my brother. My heart aches, physically aches, mentally aches and you’re asking for freedom? As if nothing had happened? 25 years are like yesterday. You made my life like a nightmare. Every time I look in the mirror I remember you and Bassel El Youssef. I see the holes in my body and face. With your freedom ball,” says Elias Fattouch’s letter.

Me Katerine Brabant and Me Claude Berlinguette-Auger led the case for the prosecution, while Me Sandra Brouillette represented Mr. Lambert.

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