Corey Perry did it because of the two-year contract

The Montreal Canadiens coaching staff loved having Corey Perry in 2021. How much? If he had stayed in Montreal in 2021-2022, Dominique Ducharme’s coaching staff would have appointed him captain of the club.

But OK. Perry went to Tampa Bay on a two-year contract and no one can fault him for taking on such a deal. He has therefore created a significant vacuum in Montreal and everyone knows it.

One might wonder why he left. Did he want to leave Quebec and its health restrictions? Did he have the feeling that CH was going under? Did he really want to play for the Tampa Bay Lightning?

For me these are all factors. But as reported by François Gagnon, the biggest factor is the fact that Marc Bergevin hasn’t offered him a two-year deal. For all that means, two years with the Lightning and in Tampa Bay or a year with the Canadiens and in Quebec in 2021, it’s not the same at all.

He says he saw himself coming back, that he loved Montreal and everything, but that the two years made all the difference. Because he imagines playing hockey for as long as possible, this stability was worth its weight in gold for him.

And the CH didn’t want to go there, which prompted him to move.

I loved my experience with the Canadians. I loved the city, the passion of the fans and all the excitement that came with our success in the playoffs.

But when the Lightning offered me a two-year contract while the Canadian was limited to a one-year contract, I couldn’t refuse such an offer. – Corey Perry

He added that’s all he needed to hear.

Obviously the presence of a Perry this year would have helped the CH and offering him two years was not a risk. Why? Because if he hadn’t performed, he could have been sent to Laval and his mark on the payroll would have disappeared.

We still have to be happy for the guy who’s in his place in Tampa at the moment and won his bet to return to the Finals for the third straight year with a third different club.

Note that yesterday he became the first player in history to score in the Stanley Cup Finals with a fourth other team, which is pretty crazy actually.


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