Brendan Gallagher believes his body will not fail him in 2022-23

Last year, the first year of his contract, everyone agrees that Brendan Gallagher failed to deliver the goods. He looked badly hurt all year.

And it’s not just a feeling. Speaking to TSN 690, Gally said his body let him down last year and that was one of the reasons for his poor performance throughout the season.

Without falling into cliche, playing a lot of hockey for a few years (in the bubble in Toronto until July 2021) didn’t help him. He plays physical hockey and appears to be taking long summers to recover, which he hasn’t had in a while.

It’s a bit of what explains why he’s confident about next season. The CH could not finish earlier this year and will have many months to heal their wounds and catch their breath.

All is looking good for Gallagher at the moment. With a new full-time coach and a new year, everything just keeps getting nicer and the promises interesting. But I can’t wait to see if he’ll really be able to recover the way he’s hoping.

Because if not, it will take a long time for him and the fans.

He has to be physically as well as mentally fit. After all, the boys will rely on him to get through the difficult season that is still waiting for CH.

And that whether he’s captain or not.

Also, during the interview, Gally was asked about the captain’s title. He was asked if he would be willing to answer any questions on the subject once he was in Montreal. A good leader, he said the team would be in good hands with the man named, regardless of who he is. He didn’t delve too far into the subject.

Personally, as I wrote in another column, I see Joel Edmundson, but Nick Suzuki could also be a good choice. I don’t think Gally really races.


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