Apple and Samsung are going hand in hand again with the future iPhone 14

Samsung would supply Apple with no fewer than 80 million OLED panels for its iPhone 14. This gives us a first idea of ​​the production volumes of the device.

For the screen of its iPhone 14, Apple seems to be turning to Korean Samsung again // Source: MacRumors

As so often, the Korean trade press informs us about the production of OLED screens for future iPhones. This week the site ETNews reports interesting information that makes it possible to estimate this time the production volume of the next iPhone 14.We learn that Samsung would supply Apple with a total of 80 million OLED panels for the different versions of its next device should start in the third quarter of 2022 … so shortly.

In total, Apple would prepare us four models of the iPhone 14: two classic models and two high-end models. The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro would be limited to a 6.1-inch diagonal, versus 6.7-inches for the iPhone 14 Max (or “Plus” depending on the source) and 14 Pro Max. Screen sizes Apple already offers in its current iPhone 13 series used.

Two different types of OLED panels depending on the model?

According to information from ETNews, 38.17 million OLED panels would be reserved for the iPhone 14 and 14 Max. So it seems that Apple would split its OLED panels almost evenly between classic and high-end models. On the other hand, we learn that the company would have ordered two different types of OLED panels from Samsung Display. The iPhone 14 would use LTPS-TFT and LTPO-TFT OLED technologies, with no current knowledge of which models will use which technology. However, if previous rumors are to be believed, the LTPO panels would be installed on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max to enable a display frequency of 1 to 120 Hz and an “always-on” display lock screen this year… recently with iOS 16 revised.

Note that those 80 million OLED panels from Samsung would ultimately only be part of Apple’s orders for its iPhone 14. The company would indeed consider making China’s BOE its secondary supplier for OLED panels… with the key to additional orders, potentially on top of the production volume already offered by Samsung.

It is also worth remembering that Apple shipped more than 237 million smartphones between Q2 2021 and Q1 2022, according to data from Counterpoint Research Institute. If this number also includes the older generation iPhones as well as the iPhone SE, it far exceeds the 80 million screens ordered for the future iPhone 14. It could therefore only be a first order from Apple to Samsung, unless the American company is equipped with several suppliers, as is so often the case.

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