5 Secrets Bianca and Jacob Revealed During Their “Truth or Drink”

It is a well-known fact that we always have more to say when we drink!

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Together with Youtuber Rémi Desgagnés on a “Truth or Drink” from the island of love, Bianca and Jacob revealed some secrets that surprised us a lot.

Since her exit from the adventure, many rumors have been circulating about the state of their relationship. Are they finally together? We don’t (officially) know that, but we learned even more surprising things in this drunken interview.

Here are 5 things we learned in the video:

1. Bianca had sex with an islander and it’s not Jacob

She said something happened under the covers, but she also says it’s not with Jacob. Let’s assume we can easily identify who Bibi would have messed with.

2. Jacob doesn’t feel like Bianca’s “second choice”

“I knew very well that her crush on Derek was more physical than anything. I told him to explore his connection to the end. At least she realized she made a mistake when I left and not the moment she watched the shows. It would have been different,” he said.

3. Derek might be dating Camille (not Jade?)

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“We saw them at a concert together and Camille was in Quebec [où Derek habite]. I’m surprised. He never spoke to us about her during Casa Amor, but hey, we’re happy for her,” start Jacob and Bianca.

4. The season finale was a key moment in their reunion

“When Mathieu and Amanda won, he hugged me and told me that Bianca was still thinking of me. When I hugged Bibi, we knew we would see each other again soon,” explains Jacob.

5. Bianca stayed in the adventure even though she already knew Derek was the wrong guy.

“I won’t say I played the game, but I felt absolutely nothing when he made his declaration of love to me and I was very sorry Jacob wasn’t there. I knew it wouldn’t work, but I was there. I forced myself,” the Gatineau blonde admits.

The duo suggested we keep an eye out on social media, we could have some revelations soon…

Who’s ready to fall out of their chair when they find out they’re officially a couple?

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