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The Honor brand, undermined by the US embargo on its sister Huawei, is making a strong comeback this year. With a new set of smart phone one more sophisticated than the other, to honor wants to continue his ascent. Futura brings you the best Honor smartphones.

Honor Magic 4 Pro

the Honor Magic 4 Pro is the model that marks Honor’s grand return to the front of the stage. This prestigious model is recognizable by its design. Its generous dimensions of 163.6 x 74.7 x 9.15 mm give it great comfort of use and the finishes give it an incomparable sophistication. The Magic 4 Pro features a stunning 6.81-inch AMOLED display with 120 adaptive refresh hertz. It offers excellent fidelity Colours and a brightness very convenient. Its screen is without a doubt one of the strong points of the phone.

On the navigation side, the Magic 4 Pro offers a processor snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with 8GB RAM. It therefore allows a proper use of liquid, also z video games most energy intensive. As for the camera, this high-end smartphone is equipped with three complementary lenses that will allow you to take beautiful photos in very different conditions. It is without a doubt one of the best in its category in this field. Finally, an essential parameter thatautonomy is about a day. It comes with one fast loading 100W to optimize usage.

Like any high-end smartphone, the Honor Magic 4 Pro comes at a high price €1,099.90. Nevertheless, we can say that the promise of top quality is kept with this model.

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honor 50

The smart phone honor 50 was particularly anticipated as it is the first of the brand to benefit from the services Google since 2019. Nothing very new on the design side as it looks like Huawei nova 9. It’s more of a success as this smartphone is lightweight and has a comfortable grip. The screen is correct with its panel OLED 120 Hz, which offers quite interesting colors. When it comes to navigation, Honor has opted for one processor Snapdragon 778G, a mid-range solution that offers good performance. Magic UI 4.2 interface is pleasant and quite comfortable, we also appreciated the access to Google services.

The camera is clearly not the strong point of this smartphone. Despite his photo ban at 4 sensors, it does not provide satisfactory colors. In terms of autonomy, the performance is not exceptional. You can only count a good day of use, but fast charging tops up the battery in just 45 minutes.

Available at a fair price from €449.90the Honor 50 responds well to user expectations.

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Honor Magic 4 Lite

the Magic 4 Lite is a mid-range smartphone for those looking for decent performance at an affordable price. Again, we see Huawei’s influence in the design, which is similar to the Mate range. Despite this, we have to admit that it presents itself quite well and offers correct finishes. Question screen, it’s quite comfortable, with a 6.8-inch AMOLED panel. By configuring the settings, we can hope for good color reproduction and a satisfying luminosity. For navigation, the Snapdragon 695 processor coupled with 6GB of RAM offers quite decent performance for a smartphone of this class.

The Achilles heel of this smartphone is without a doubt the camera. Despite its 3 sensors, it offers rather flat colors day and night. Same for the sensor. frontal, it does not offer high quality photos comparable to other smartphones of the same category. Finally, without offering outstanding performance, we see that it holds the charge quite well. Its autonomy on a good day makes it one of the best in its category.

Available at the price of €279the Honor Magic 4 Lite is a very satisfactory mid-range smartphone.

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Honor 50 Lite

Like any “Lite” version that Honor 50 Lite is a lighter variant of the Honor 50. You can already see that in the design. It’s pretty decent, even if it doesn’t offer the best finishes. His Touch screen 6.67 inch LCD offers a full HD picture. Rather comfortable, it obviously does not offer exceptional performance. The colors are correct without being fantastic. The smartphone is equipped with a Snapdragon 662 processor, which is accompanied by 6 GB of RAM reagentbut we regret that it is only compatible with that 4G.

On the photo side, the performances are pretty average without being mediocre. Despite 4 sensors on the backthe pictures are missing contrast and precision day and night. On the other hand, with its autonomy of more than a day and a half, we note a real advantage. Especially since its technology allows a full charge in just 38 minutes.

For the price of €229.90we can say that the Honor 50 Lite meets the requirements that we can ask of a smartphone at this price.

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Depending on the budget and requirements, the smartphone to honor what suits you will not be the same. We hope that this comparison has helped you see things more clearly and make the best purchasing decision for your smartphone. to honor.

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