We’re only entitled to one of the two new dual chargers, and that’s a shame…

Apple’s two new dual USB-C chargers promise compactness and ease of use, but only one of the two models will be available in Europe and France. Too bad it was the most compact.

During the WWDC opening keynote, Apple introduced two new chargers for its Apple Silicon MacBooks. More precisely, they are two versions of the same 35W USB-C charger that can be purchased as an option (+ 20 euros) for the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air M2.

The first version is more compact than the second and plugs directly into an outlet without the option of adding an extension cord. Unfortunately, this version will not be available in France and more generally in Europe, since Apple has only planned (for now?) to produce blocks with type A connectors, like those found in the United States, in Canada, China, Japan or Mexico.

The second is a more classic power adapter with a detachable tip that allows you to choose the type of plug you want to use depending on whether you are in France, Great Britain or the United States, for example. This model is available worldwide.


The real novelty of this charger, however, is that it offers two USB-C ports to be able to connect multiple devices at the same time. A good idea that avoids having to carry multiple chargers with you to power your Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch and why not your AirPods.

Because Apple recently published a page that describes the operation of its chargers and their performance. In most cases, the charger will split its power evenly into two 17.5W streams.

  • If you connect a MacBook and an iPhone or iPad, each gets 17.5W.
  • If you connect an iPhone and an iPad, each device is entitled to 17.5 W.

The Watts split keys are slightly different if you connect a large device and a smaller accessory.

  • If you connect a MacBook or iPhone with an Apple Watch or even AirPods, the former will get a maximum of 27.5W, while the AirPods smartwatch or charging case will get 7.5W.

In short, provided you have the right USB-C cables, charging your Apple devices should become easier with this charger, which is therefore sold as an option with the new MacBook M2s, but is also available direct from the Apple Store. It costs less than 65 euros. It’s quite expensive, especially since Apple forces you to make a choice. The dual-port USB-C power adapter does not allow fast charging. To do this, you have to opt for the 67W charger… which is also sold for 65 euros. On the other hand, only one device is charged at a time…

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