The Panthers would consider Finn (Jukka Jalonen) with no NHL experience

Four teams have changed drivers since the end of the season. There was Lane Lambert in New York a few weeks ago, but otherwise the Knights, Flyers and Stars all got it. coach bag.

The more it changes, the more it’s the same, isn’t it?

The Bruins, Jets, Blackhawks, Oilers and Panthers must either find a new coach or confirm the current one.

The Panthers’ case is intriguing, since Andrew Brunette came at a time when Florida didn’t want to change their coach (Joel Quenneville left for reasons other than hockey), but the interim coach did well nonetheless, earning several votes for the coach Year.

But OK. In the playoffs it wasn’t so easy and sometimes we saw him get eaten up by the opposing pilot. In the end, that gives him a relatively mixed record.

What will the panthers do?

There is a scenario where he stays in office and his GM is backed by an experienced trainer behind the bench. Is that why the majority of MPs left?

But there is also a scenario where a coach comes from outside. We were thinking of an experienced coach but it seems everything is on the table for the Panthers who are considering hiring Jukka Jalonen. This is reported by Frank Seravalli.

Who is Jukka Jalonen? He is a coach who has been working in Finland for 30 years but has no experience in the NHL.

Whether at the helm of certain KHL clubs (he notably coached Sergei Bobrovsky during the NHL walkout) or the Finnish national team, he’s done a good job.

Note that the only assistant who hasn’t lost his job at Sunrise is Finnish.

However, I wonder if the fit is good. As for a potential coaching change, shouldn’t the Panthers go with a guy who knows the NHL? Could the Jalonen in question be a deputy? Be continued.


– Quebecers want Michael Rousseau’s resignation because he doesn’t speak French. Jeremy Roenick wants him out (or an executive) because he didn’t like the customer experience.

– Signature to note.

– Interesting observation.

– Folder to see.

– One to watch out for after the avalanche.

– Like John Tortorella.

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