Summer 2022: The best is yet to come

The beginning of the season rhymed with unstable and changeable. After the solstice, however, a glimmer of hope appears. In the second half of summer we could switch to a positive scenario characterized by more favorable conditions.

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Avoided by the heat dome

The heat dome stayed away from Quebec and remained anchored over the western United States. The heat therefore briefly penetrated Belle Province or settled further north. “This type of scenario favored waves of particularly intense storms for a month, notably the presence of the derecho and the storm of June 16,” explains Réjean Ouimet, weather expert. So without any doubt we are witnessing the unfolding of a summer with an unstable signature.

MEMORY : A derecho is a fast-moving storm that covers a large area. It is also associated with a series of severe thunderstorms in the shape of an arc.

sticky heat

Since the beginning of summer, the humid air blasts have been relatively short. The background of summer air is struggling to settle down permanently. “Such a trend is profound and it will take a little longer to reverse it,” specifies Mr. Ouimet. According to the expert, the coming weeks will be characterized by continuity. Temporary heat and more or less strong stormy waves can be expected until mid-July. The situation should reverse in the second half of summer, and the heat and humidity are likely to persist for a long time.


Return of an absent player

Over time, the vortex in the north will become smaller. At the same time, the closed disturbed centers shift. This new reality will allow another major weather player, Bermuda High, to take up more space. This becomes an agent of positive change as the summer progresses. “We’re counting on Bermuda High to salvage the summer balance sheet. The perception of a nice, warmer summer than previously known should prevail,” he continues. The season even threatens to be prolonged, so the months of August and September are promising.


GOOD TO KNOW : Stable heat, ie 23-25 ​​°C and above, usually ends in the second half of August. In the south, these usually last until the beginning of September.

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